Birthing story of our first born (emergency C section)

Precursor: bubby and I are completely safe and well, but we had an difficult birth.

The following is a recap of the birth of our first born. We had hoped for a relatively standard birth, and it turned out to be anything but. However, at the end of it we got a beautiful baby, which is the main thing!

I wrote this post the morning after, while still groggy on painkillers. I think I did alright! *grin*

Arriving at the hospital

Came in at 3.30am Monday morning after losing the mucus plug with blood in it. I didn’t realise there would be a fair bit more blood afterwards, so came in to check it out. I was having mild contractions every 5mins and a dull ache in the meantime. Baby’s heart rate was good though, so we decided to hang around until Dr James did his rounds in the morning to see if I was dilated or not. [...]  read more

Health scare and hospital (let’s talk about sex, baby)

I swore that when I started writing about my pregnancy that I would cover the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I fell pregnant, I searched for blogs of people going through the same emotional roller coaster that I was. Instead, I found tons of “pregnancy is wonderful and glowing and rainbows” – the complete opposite of how I was feeling. So I made my promise to cover it all.

This is one of those stories.

Warning – if you can’t handle gory details, maybe skip this one. [...]  read more

Antenatal class and my hunt for a birthing playlist

This weekend just gone the hubby and I attended an antenatal class at our hospital, as part of our preparation for the upcoming birth of our first born. We’ve still got one more class to go yet. This one was more of a foundation and learning what was to come. We crammed it all into a single day session, and by the end of it I was brain fried.

We covered:

  • What to expect when you go into labour
  • The various stages of labour
  • Pain management techniques
  • Induction techniques
  • When to actually go to the hospital
  • What to prepare for hospital (packing list for me, our bub and hubby)
  • What not to do when the wife is in labour (i.e. for the partners, how to avoid getting hit in the face by annoying your beloved one)
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Post-birth care
  • Tour of the hospital facilities

It was so worth it. I’ve come out of it feeling more comfortable than I expected. Before we went, I would have assumed that the minute my waters broke I would have to make a panicked call to Mario (if he was at work), then a mad dash to the hospital. Just a little unnecessary it seems! [...]  read more

A morning spent waiting at the hospital

Today was my annual check up at the hospital, where I get an ultrasound on my breasts. In a fortnight I will meet with the doctor to go over the results.

The reason for this rigmarole is that a few years ago I was unlucky enough to find some breast lumps. My family has a history of breast cancer (my mother had it, but she survived and I admire her greatly for the battle she waged while raising her children) so the doctors prefer to be safe than sorry for me.

I'm not going to lie and say it isn't a little inconvenient to go to the hospital, it is. But cancer trumps that, so I would prefer inconvenience than to find cancer too late because I didn't take the appropriate steps.  [...]  read more