Coffee and cookies

Confession – I just stress-ate a pile of cookies. I didn’t need them, they’ve made me feel like crap, but apparently I needed the emotional sugar high (or I’m premenstrual). Guess that strength I was feeling last night was short-lived.

I’m working silly hours again because I have a project going live next week, and I want it finished early. As in within 48 hours.

This weekend is Luca’s birthday weekend and the last thing I want to be doing is cramming in some work when I should be spending time with him. So, extensive computer time it is. And apparently stress eating.

I’ve had a good day though otherwise. Up until 9pm I had stuck with my diet. Silver lining is there’s no cookies left in the fridge to tempt me. I also went to the gym this morning and fit in a run as well as some strength work. Water wise I’ve hit my goal, and I’m writing a blog now.

Today at lunch I took the opportunity to go and work from a coffee shop for a bit just for a change of scenery. It was really nice! Sometimes I find that if I put myself in a busy, noisy environment that it helps me to focus more, and sure enough it did the trick.

Well, not much of an update today otherwise – it’s time for me to get back to work so that I can go to bed!


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