A working breakfast

This afternoon we are lucky enough at work to be heading out for a company-wide social activity, Ten Pin Bowling. Following that, as tradition goes at our work place, there will be a big group of people that head out for some drinks immediately after. Also tradition, I'm going to join them and then get drunk after a single glass of wine.

The benefits of eating well and exercising a lot – you become a cheap drunk.

Knowing what was coming up, this morning I got Mario to drop me off at work on his way to work so that I could have a glass of wine without worrying about driving after. The problem with my plan was that he starts work at 7am, and leaves home just after 6.30am. That meant I arrived at work just after 6.30am, SUPER early! I don't have a key to the office because I'm very rarely the first one there (some people start at 8, I typically start at 9). Not having a key meant that I needed to occupy myself somehow, and breakfast at the cafe downstairs was the answer. Thus where I find myself now. [...]  read more

Plan to take over the world: Honest customer service day

Working in customer service, there are days when you hate customers. Not just a mild dislike “bad day” kind of feeling, more like a “OH MY GOD YOU MAKE MY BRAIN HURT WITH THE SHEER LEVEL OF STUPIDITY THAT YOU ARE DISPLAYING, I AM MORE DUMB FOR HAVING SPENT TIME ON THE PHONE WITH YOU” rampage kind of feeling. When curse words just spew forth from your mouth, so much so that your mother tries to grab for the soap to wash your mouth out but there's not enough soap in the world. [...]  read more

All work and no play…

Finally, FINALLY it seems as though I'm healthy again. That's awesome. Oh, except I was about to say I haven't had to blow my nose in ages, but remembered that I blew it this morning after I sneezed. That was the exception though, other than that it's been forever.

Today was the first Monday I have been able to work in about 3 weeks without going home sick early. I shouldn't be thrilled it's a Monday, but I'm thrilled it meant I've lasted a weekend without a relapse of getting sick. That's awesome.  [...]  read more

A month of yes

Well this has been one hell of a month so far, and it's only one day in!!

I've had some very exciting news at work, but we are still finalising the details. Basically I'm taking on the biggest challenge of my life, and it will involve managing others (although not their boss I'm responsible for scheduling them and using them as resources for my project, and I will be updating the boss on their performance). People management is not my speciality, heck I've never done it before, so I'm really looking forward to working on this area, and my communication skills in general. We all know I need help with that! I have specifically asked for training and my boss was very receptive to that, so it will be great for any future career aspects.  [...]  read more


Missy's position here pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now: exhausted.

This morning saw my return to training again, which my legs are feeling in a major way. I don't know how I'm going to pull up in the morning but I will be trying to go for a run…will see how that goes. I'm not expecting a very successful pace or distance but will do my best. Gotta start somewhere again after such an extended period off!

Right now it's only 9.15pm and I'm in bed ready to sleep; my trainer wil be thrilled. He's only been trying to get me to go to bed before 10.30pm for about 6-12months…so not long at all haha.  [...]  read more