A working breakfast

This afternoon we are lucky enough at work to be heading out for a company-wide social activity, Ten Pin Bowling. Following that, as tradition goes at our work place, there will be a big group of people that head out for some drinks immediately after. Also tradition, I'm going to join them and then get drunk after a single glass of wine.

The benefits of eating well and exercising a lot – you become a cheap drunk.

Knowing what was coming up, this morning I got Mario to drop me off at work on his way to work so that I could have a glass of wine without worrying about driving after. The problem with my plan was that he starts work at 7am, and leaves home just after 6.30am. That meant I arrived at work just after 6.30am, SUPER early! I don't have a key to the office because I'm very rarely the first one there (some people start at 8, I typically start at 9). Not having a key meant that I needed to occupy myself somehow, and breakfast at the cafe downstairs was the answer. Thus where I find myself now.

I ordered what you see at the top of this post – the world's biggest Eggs Benedict and a Chai Latte. I really didn't think it would be that big! It was divine, but wow am I full! My belly is actually hurting, and I feel like I just want to get a hose and pour it down my throat. I'm so thirsty now – I always get thirsty when I'm full (does that happen to anyone else or is it just me).

It's been really pleasant sitting here working – it's a nice change from a stuffy office.

I've been checking emails and responding to customers (they'll probably wonder if I didn't sleep well last night), and just preparing myself for the day. It's been so stressful at work lately that it's nice to actually have a moment to just sit still and figure out what I need to accomplish. I've put together a to do list for me to tackle straight up as soon as I get to my desk, and admittedly, the extra time at work means I'm going to get a lot more done before we head out bowling this afternoon.

Maybe this is the answer for when it feels like everything is starting to get out of control? A beautiful breakfast, the background sounds of a cafe, and no one to interrupt me.

Sounds divine.

Let me know your thoughts!