Keeping up my fitness motivation

As I have grown to know who I am as a person in the last few years, I have discovered the various quirks that I have:

  • I love to do activity of some kind, but I also can become lazy very quickly.
  • I love lists…like REALLY love them (I'm writing one now even)
  • I'm a visual person, and need to see things in front of me


Knowing those, when Mario had the suggestion that we should print out a list of all the different exercise classes we can go to and start writing down what we accomplish during the week, I was all for it. It was a list of some sort, it was visual, and it reminded me what I can go and do.

The reason he suggested it was actually more for himself as he's concerned he has put on a bit of weight (he's still gorgeous to me), but I am still getting a lot of benefit out of it for myself. The moment I have a day where I can't write on there that I've done something, my laziness is immediately apparent so it really helps to keep me going.

I'm also competitive, which means that I don't want him to work out more than me 🙂

The photo at the top is for the exercise this week. My hamstrings have been a bit sore from training last Friday so I went easy with just power walks instead of some runs at the start of the week, but I also threw in a fight class and today pushed my legs again with a bike ride this morning with Mario. Tomorrow will be boot class, Friday another PT session with Mitch, and I'd like to get a run in there somewhere because I need to improve on my cardio.

The way to use the chart is that if we don't do the classes then we just write in what we did instead. If we do make the classes, then we squiggle over them to show we attended (you can see we have both squiggled over the Fight Circuit last night). We both have our own individual colour so we can see our own achievements easily.

Currently this week Mario is beating me. He did a triathlon in Sunday, which means overall energy expenditure he's going to win the week hands down 🙂 In terms of frequency, I thought he would want a day off and he did give himself Monday off, but I'm stunned he's back into it already. That boy is so goddamn fit!

I can assure you that he's not going to beat me next week, I'll blast him off the charts! Lunch time running here I come!

What helps to keep you motivated to exercise frequently?


Let me know your thoughts!