Losing my wisdom….teeth

Just over a week ago I found myself at the Future Music music festival, eating the best chicken wrap I had ever experienced at a music festival. It was fresh, full of salad and other healthy tidbits like beans, and was delicious. However I now think it may be the culprit for what I would discover 24 hours later.

I'd managed to crack one of my wisdom teeth.

Somehow a piece had managed to break off, leaving one big jagged piece sticking out. It was cutting into my cheek which was ripping the tissue (I didn't think that badly), and was generally uncomfortable.

On the Monday I knew I would have to see a dentist, and told my boss so. That night I tried rubbing some oil of clove onto my cheek and tooth on the advice of Mario, as he explained it was a common remedy to numb the area. Unfortunately I had no idea how much to apply, so after squeezing a bit onto a cotton wool bud I promptly went to town rubbing the area. It burned (like the feeling of deep heat for any sports nuts out there) and I would later find out I had actually burned my cheek area. Whoops.

The following morning I woke in pain. My cheek had been ripped to shreds and I could barely move my jaw. Uh oh.

I went to work in agony and started to reschedule my appointments on account of not being able to speak. I rang the dentist and was booked in that morning.

Related note – when I was younger I had to get some fillings, however the nurses hadn't numbed my mouth properly. I felt the whole thing. As a result I was mentally scarred and to this day I still really, really don't like dentists. I avoid them at all costs. I had originally taken out my health insurance purely because I knew that I would have to get my wisdom teeth out at some point, and it would be costly. That was over 6 years ago. That's how long I had put it off.

When I got to the dentist I was advised he wanted to pull my wisdom tooth out there and then, and asked if he had my permission to go ahead. “Whatever makes my mouth better doc” was my reply. And whooskha, 5mins later it was gone.

Unexpected findings from the appointment:

  1. Sometimes wisdom teeth can come out really fast
  2. I have a strong palate. Like really strong. The dentist struggled getting the needle into my gums to numb the area.
  3. The whole experience wasn't so bad, he was a great dentist. Fast, kept me informed, and straight to the point.
  4. Bleeding in the mouth is not fun
  5. Not being able to open your mouth fully means lots of liquid foods (protein drinks etc) and makes it way too easy to justify eating copious amounts of ice cream

It's taken me a week to get over the appointment still. I developed an infection which meant a week later I'm still not able to open my mouth completely, and the swelling in my cheek is still present.

The scariest part is that the other three wisdom teeth have to come out, and surgery has been booked in for 23rd May. I struggled with one out, this is going to be tough with 3. I feel for Mario, because I'm going to be quite the sook!

Ah well, part of growing up I guess. Face my fears and all that. I'm getting big and brave now Mum!

Let me know your thoughts!