Goodlife 12 Week Challenge: Week 2

With week 1 done and dusted, week 2 was about continuing with the meal plan, and focusing on consistency. You hear people talk about how long it takes to turn actions into habits, and with the second week certainly not long enough, I had to make sure the motivation remained high. I'd had a nice drop in weight in the past week, and was looking forward to continuing on that path.

My exercise for the week consisted of:

My fitness week on Garmin Connect

  • Sunday: a nice long walk with my dog along the beach (it says “Running” because that's the activity I select on my watch to track it – I haven't bothered to set up a “Walking” activity, although I probably should in order to track when I'm walking my dog)
  • Monday: a nice long session at the gym with the PT
  • Tuesday: Only a half hour walk with my dog this morning
  • Wednesday: a night at the gym, spent by doing multiple things: Rowing, Sprints on the treadmill, walking (cool down on the tread mill), and some rowing.
  • Thursday: a walk with my dog in the morning, and group training at the gym. I've been trying to track the kind of exercise we do at the gym, but given how many broken segments it becomes I'm going to start just setting it to strength and leaving it at that
  • Friday: another walk with my dog in the morning down to the Mooloolaba bakery and back for some fresh bread for breakfast.
  • Saturday: rest day.

I've not been running lately, as my PT has specifically asked me to cut back on that while we try to address the issue with my hips. My posture needs correcting, and I've got some serious muscle tightness in my TLS and TFL, which I've been addressing with some painful massages.  [...]  read more

Keeping up my fitness motivation

As I have grown to know who I am as a person in the last few years, I have discovered the various quirks that I have:

  • I love to do activity of some kind, but I also can become lazy very quickly.
  • I love lists…like REALLY love them (I'm writing one now even)
  • I'm a visual person, and need to see things in front of me

Knowing those, when Mario had the suggestion that we should print out a list of all the different exercise classes we can go to and start writing down what we accomplish during the week, I was all for it. It was a list of some sort, it was visual, and it reminded me what I can go and do.

The reason he suggested it was actually more for himself as he's concerned he has put on a bit of weight (he's still gorgeous to me), but I am still getting a lot of benefit out of it for myself. The moment I have a day where I can't write on there that I've done something, my laziness is immediately apparent so it really helps to keep me going. [...]  read more