Getting it done…a rare work post 

Last year could almost be summed up with one word. 


I say almost because I married my favourite person in the world in beautiful circumstances. Of course, that makes him worthy of a mention. But other than that it was all stress. 

Today I started seeing so many positives at work, I finished the day with a smile. Things are slowly starting to fall into place, issues that have troubled me for years. Projects that I’ve dreamed of are starting to take fruition. I’m working with people that make me excited to come to work every day. Nothing is finished yet, and ask me even just a month ago and I would have said it’s impossible. But man, things are feeling really good right now. 

I’m touching something wooden so I don’t jinx it. 

I did have a big day today, and instead of going to a meet up I’ve come home and collapsed on the couch. I’m exhausted. But it’s so nice for it to be finally for a good reason, and not because I’m stressed beyond comprehension. 

2017…I’m liking what you’ve got. 

1 thought on “Getting it done…a rare work post ”

  1. Congratulations. It does make you feel good when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even better when the work environment is a positive one. I now have to get all the financials into order for the audit. Difficult when they have been putting in new servers and leaving me off the system. When I finally could log on I can only get records for 2015. Thankfully I had a back up on my laptop but it is always hit and miss as to whether it will back up correctly or not. I have to save to USB until they can get me back onto the network. I then can’t print out any reports until I get home as the printer at the Library isn’t set up for wifi. I have just about had enough of it and my work load of apparently 4 hours per week has escalated to almost 40 hours since last Thursday and I still have work to complete before the audit. Doesn’t help either that the program is from 2000 and I doubt we can afford the $400 for an updated internet version. We prefer not to have the financials on line for our Association. All in all if I don’t nominate again then it won’t be my problem but 4 out of the 6 are standing down so I will need to be there to ensure continuity of the Association.
    Sometimes I think I should go back into paid employment but at my age the chances are greatly limited.


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