All work and no play…

Finally, FINALLY it seems as though I'm healthy again. That's awesome. Oh, except I was about to say I haven't had to blow my nose in ages, but remembered that I blew it this morning after I sneezed. That was the exception though, other than that it's been forever.

Today was the first Monday I have been able to work in about 3 weeks without going home sick early. I shouldn't be thrilled it's a Monday, but I'm thrilled it meant I've lasted a weekend without a relapse of getting sick. That's awesome.

The only thing is that I'm super exhausted…except my reason behind that is AWESOME.

I saw Bernard Fanning in concert last night, of Powderfinger fame (and quite rightly, his own right as a solo artist). He was brilliant. He was clearly having loads of fun up there, and he was providing constant updates of the cricket scores. Quite funny really. Here's one of the pictures that I posted to instagram.

I should enjoy the free time while it lasted. Tonight I am back to software testing after a long day in the office, and I think other than Thursday, the next night I will have free to sit on my bum and do nothing is not until next Monday.

Except that I will probably organise something for that night.

I think I need to remind myself of how stressed out I get if I don't have nights of doing nothing.

I might schedule in that doing nothing. By scheduling it, does that mean in effect that it's not actually nothing, it's something, it's just not a lot of anything?

My head hurts.

Let me know your thoughts!