My “do jack all” ratio is too low

During a discussion today with a workmate, we realised that by Thursday I will not have spent a single night at home relaxing for an entire week.

7 full days.

Seriously, I am not usually THAT social, so what the heck has happened?

  • Thursday night last week: shopping in preparation for corporate golf day the following day, finally home by 8pm after working stupidly long days at work the previous two days. Exhaustion plus.
  • Friday night: corporate golf day entire day, after party that night. Home by midnight.
  • Saturday night: bbq at a friend's house and games. Home by midnight.
  • Sunday night: dinner with the girls. Home by 8pm, in bed by 9.15pm (pure bliss)
  • Monday night: dinner with C
  • Tuesday night: trivia at the bar with the girls
  • Wednesday night: watching Liverpool soccer game at friend's place
  • Thursday night: finally, A NIGHT AT HOME!

But to continue from there:

  • Friday night: night out with the girls hitting the town
  • Saturday/Sunday: possibly going for a road trip with C, otherwise I have a party on Saturday night, drinks and networking thing at lunch on Sunday, friend's place for a TV show finale Sunday night
  • Monday night: NIGHT AT HOME

Once I had realised that I had all of that on, I knew something had to change. If I have learned anything about myself in recent months it's that I work on the following principles:

I need to consistently exercise. If I don't, I will lose motivation with my diet, and I also become naturally grumpier.
I need to have nights at home sitting still and relaxing. Despite being super exciteable and loving life, without these down times I naturally become more stressed.
Staying home means I save money. I have a lot of savings goals in the next 12 months (including saving 5k, a trip to New Zealand, a trip to Malaysia, and hopefully a trip to Brazil for the World Cup – ambitious much?)


Recently I have been sick with the flu for an extended period, so I have only just returned back to exercising. I'm focusing on getting back to a good sleep routine so that I can get up early to get my daily exercise without making myself exhausted.

If I keep going at the rate that I'll be going with that schedule above, I'm not going to get the rest I need, which means I'm not going to have my nights at home and I'm not going to want to get up to exercise. Fails all round, which means an increasingly stressed and grumpy Kelly.

On top of that my workload at work at the moment is ridiculous. We have a HUGE project in the works on top of my regular work, so I need to be clear and level headed more than ever. No one wants to deal with a stressed and tired Kelly. Not even me.

Something had to give.

Thus I piked on my girls tonight, I came home and got the relaxing night that I needed. I cooked dinner, I chatted with my housemate, and right now I find myself relaxing on the couch typing up a blog, something I also haven't been doing enough of lately.

All of this means my “do jack all” ratio is back on the up compared to “do it all”, which is exactly what I needed.

Now to make sure I don't overbook my calendar for the next month again!


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  1. It’s nice to have realisations about yourself, hey? I’m glad you’re prioritising time to do nothing. 🙂

    P.S Lots of interesting activities with C on your agenda…!


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