Perceptive readers and a jam packed weekend

It would appear there is no better way than to find out who is still reading your blog than to throw in a mention of someone in particular (that hasn't featured on the blog in quite a while) just to see who is paying attention. Admittedly, that wasn't my intention but I'll go along with it.

It turns out that a couple of you picked up that C and I had dinner last week, and that there was the potential for a weekend road trip. Alas we didn't end up going as his grandmother unfortunately passed away in her sleep Thursday evening so he immediately left the coast to be with his family. Originally I had opted it was best to let him have time alone with them to grieve, but after a text from him wishing that I was there, I cancelled my plans last night and for today, and drove down immediately.

For those who don't know who C is, he's my ex boyfriend. We split up in January after 1.5 years together, and had quite the messy break up. There were talks of breaks, non-breaks and eventually stopping all communication (it was my attempt to move on).

Once I really understand what is going on with C and I, you will find out all the details as I write it down and try to figure it out in my head (the typical Kelsbells way). For now, we're just discussing things and seeing where it's all headed. In summary, there is a possibility that we are back together but I don't know 100% yet. There's a lot of complications.

So other than an unexpected drive last night, I've had a pretty good weekend! I carried on with my plans believing I wasn't spending time with C, and headed out on the town with the girls Friday night. Well, the town was the plan but I pretty much lasted only the pre-drinks at B's place before Tanya and I called it a night. She came to my place and hung out for a bit then went home, so I was in bed just after midnight. Her son had a footy game at 8am so she was pleased for the early one. The others kept going, and I did hear of people only getting home after 7am (bow chicka wow wow!!!).

Yesterday I relished the time at home by cleaning up and sorting out my clothes. I finally went through my drawers and threw out everything that was old “dead” clothing that was in no state that it should be worn in public. As expected, I had quite the pile of that. I also made another separate pile of clothes that were still in great condition, but won't ever be worn in public because I either didn't fit it (and therefore shouldn't wear it for the good of mankind), or there was just no chance that I would wear it (there were two dresses that fit this criteria and were donated accordingly). Needless to say my cupboards are looking pretty empty of clothing now, so as I lose more weight and tone up I have plenty of room to stock up on new improved clothing!

I also got an unexpected text from a friend that they were going for a bike ride, and I jumped at the opportunity to join them. It was great fun! All up the ride was about 20km I think, and my bum is feeling it today. It's been a long time since I've been for a ride, so my bum cheeks just aren't used to the time in the saddle. Today, if I clench my bum cheeks hard enough, I can feel the imprint of where my seat was. Too much information? That's why you come to my blog isn't it!

I also discovered just how neglected my bike is, as it has the following problems:

  • Front brake can't go on without locking up the front tyre altogether
  • Rear tyre is buckled slightly so the rear brake frequently comes on/off
  • Screws pointing in directions that I'm pretty sure is not natural
  • Rust in a few places

It's just a matter of whether I feel I'm going to be riding enough that warrants the purchase of a new bike or if I just go with repairs. Riding to/from work again wouldn't be so bad though, and I think all up it's only about a 15min ride or so? Doing that once or twice a week is tempting, especially since my front/rear lights work a treat, even after sitting unused for a year!

So that's the long winded update of my weekend, how is everyone else going?

Let me know your thoughts!