My “do jack all” ratio is too low

During a discussion today with a workmate, we realised that by Thursday I will not have spent a single night at home relaxing for an entire week.

7 full days.

Seriously, I am not usually THAT social, so what the heck has happened?

  • Thursday night last week: shopping in preparation for corporate golf day the following day, finally home by 8pm after working stupidly long days at work the previous two days. Exhaustion plus.
  • Friday night: corporate golf day entire day, after party that night. Home by midnight.
  • Saturday night: bbq at a friend's house and games. Home by midnight.
  • Sunday night: dinner with the girls. Home by 8pm, in bed by 9.15pm (pure bliss)
  • Monday night: dinner with C
  • Tuesday night: trivia at the bar with the girls
  • Wednesday night: watching Liverpool soccer game at friend's place
  • Thursday night: finally, A NIGHT AT HOME!

But to continue from there:

  • Friday night: night out with the girls hitting the town
  • Saturday/Sunday: possibly going for a road trip with C, otherwise I have a party on Saturday night, drinks and networking thing at lunch on Sunday, friend's place for a TV show finale Sunday night
  • Monday night: NIGHT AT HOME

Once I had realised that I had all of that on, I knew something had to change. If I have learned anything about myself in recent months it's that I work on the following principles:

I need to consistently exercise. If I don't, I will lose motivation with my diet, and I also become naturally grumpier.
I need to have nights at home sitting still and relaxing. Despite being super exciteable and loving life, without these down times I naturally become more stressed.
Staying home means I save money. I have a lot of savings goals in the next 12 months (including saving 5k, a trip to New Zealand, a trip to Malaysia, and hopefully a trip to Brazil for the World Cup – ambitious much?)

Recently I have been sick with the flu for an extended period, so I have only just returned back to exercising. I'm focusing on getting back to a good sleep routine so that I can get up early to get my daily exercise without making myself exhausted.  [...]  read more

All work and no play…

Finally, FINALLY it seems as though I'm healthy again. That's awesome. Oh, except I was about to say I haven't had to blow my nose in ages, but remembered that I blew it this morning after I sneezed. That was the exception though, other than that it's been forever.

Today was the first Monday I have been able to work in about 3 weeks without going home sick early. I shouldn't be thrilled it's a Monday, but I'm thrilled it meant I've lasted a weekend without a relapse of getting sick. That's awesome.  [...]  read more