15 quick updates about the last two weeks

It’s been a pretty crazy busy two weeks here at Kelly’s World. I thought instead of writing all of it in a long drawn out way (much like this sentence) I would write a quick bullet point list. After all, I freaking love lists (refer to my 52 list that I write every year, and … Read more

Water familiarisation classes

This week I started water familiarisation classes with Luca, a fancy way for saying we get to jump into a swimming pool. The goal is to spend time in the water through fun and games so he feels safe and comfortable. That way it avoids him growing up with any fear of the water, and … Read more

Training journal: week 3

My plan to up the mileage this week didn’t come to fruition unfortunately. It wasn’t that I lost sight of my goal, it’s more that again I didn’t want to push my body too far. I wasn’t feeling 100% during the week unfortunately. You can see the details in my training journal below: Running I … Read more

52: Blog 100 memories (1 to 5 – Sports)

52 in 52 - memories

One of my 52 in 52 items for 2014 was to blog 100 memories. Today’s post focuses on memories with friends. These memories are not in any specific order, other than in which order they came from. 1 – High School swimming carnival I used to dread the school swimming carnival, because it meant one … Read more