Luca letter: 10 months

Well, my boy. You’ve officially spent more time out than you did in. It feels like an eternity, while also feeling like it was just yesterday.

I think we’re finally entering the phase where I’m forgetting how tough it was in the beginning. The feeling of being locked to the couch, or constant attachment for feeding.

These days it’s a very different situation indeed!

Sand, sand everywhere!

We’ve started spending more time in the sand as the weather slowly, slowly gets a bit warmer. It started with daycare, and has grown to a full blown sandpit in the backyard (built by your father). You have your own kit, and love nothing more than to just dig in the sand and flick it everywhere.

When we bathed you one night we found stashes down your pants between your butt cheeks. Either we hadn’t put your nappy on very well that day, or you are flinging the sand around with that much vigour that it’s literally going everywhere!

When we go outside you instantly look at the sandpit. At daycare when we put you down you smile at the girls and then crawl for the sandpit. Yep….you’re obsessed.

Your cheeky side is emerging

You love your food, we know that. What we didn’t expect was just how much, and how cheeky you would be to get it.

One day we had stopped in at Costco on the way home to get some things. Depending on when you read this you may or may not know what that is. Heck, when you read this you’ll think I’m a dinosaur because I know the words VCR, DVD and MP3. But I digress. Essentially Costco a grocery store for giants. It’s bulk goods and everything is FREAKING HUGE. 

Seriously…look at the size of this thing.


We hadn’t been in a long time, so wanted to sticky beak around, see what was new and pick up a few things here and there (boring stuff, like cling wrap). 

It was lunch time, and we realised we were hungry. Your dad decided he wanted to get a pizza and whatever we didn’t eat (aka 99% of it) would be kept for him to have for some work lunches. This pizza is so big that I struggle to sit in the car and hold it on my lap – it has to rest on the dashboard. We both managed a single slice and that was it (and felt sick after).

Back to the story.

Your dad was strapping you into the car, the crust hanging out of his mouth while his hands were tending to your car seat straps. You seized the moment, and promptly grabbed the crust out of his mouth and shoved it into your own! It appeared you wanted to try what he was eating! It was hilarious!

Since then, no matter what we’re eating you’re watching us with intrigue and desire.

Actions = Consequences

You’re starting to work out that actions have consequences. For example, if you cry then someone will come to make sure you’re OK.

What this means is that if you don’t want to go to bed and we put you in your cot, you will let out a ripper of a cry, stop, and then look at the door waiting for us to come into your room. The first time we realised we were impressed – clever little guy!

Of course, we are now undertaking the hard task of teaching you that you don’t always get what you want, particularly if you screech at us. Easy going though, you’ve still got your daddy wrapped around your little finger.

A trip to Eummundi Markets

One of the highlights for this month was a trip to the Eummundi Markets. We met your best bud, Alex, and his mum Kyleigh there. We wandered around looking at everything, and even stopped at the playground. There we put you on the swing, for one of the first few times in your life.

You really weren’t sure to begin with, but by the end you started to really enjoy yourself.

The same day you also got to visit your Aunty/Godmum Kim! We played in the park and you got lots of cuddles. It was a massive day for you.

Another Camping Trip

This month you also got to go for a quick trip out to Somerset Dam. It was great fun! We went with another of your best mates, the T family.

We had a nice fire going, and you got to wear your super cute panda outfit. The boys laid out some crab pots, and managed to catch some red claw. You and little T had a great time crawling around in the dirt. I had brought a ton of your toys to play with, and even had a blanket in the hopes that you would stay on there and not get coated in dirt. Wishful thinking, you preferred to go sit straight in the dirt and then pull your toys over to where you were sitting. Oh well.

It was our first time out at Somerset, but we’ll be back!


You hit 10.8kg this month! Now that you’re crawling I suspect that your weight will start to stabilise now. It would be nice if you stayed in the same size clothes for a little while at least!

I tell you what, though. I’m getting strong arms picking you up! Lifting you over our heads (aka shoulder press) is something you really enjoy and giggle at, so that’s been helping me build up some strength. Your giggles are amazing.

Updates from home

It was your daddy’s birthday this month! We had a pretty quiet one this year, he didn’t want to do much. But happy birthday daddy!

Work is underway on the Pergola at home. We tore down the old pergola and the Bali hut (we tore the hut down when we first bought the house actually) and the new one is going to make such a difference. We will have more room to play, and eventually with a pizza oven and lounge area it will be our new living room! Definitely great for summer.

I’ve been running a bit more, trying to get out during the day at work. This month I even entered a 5km event with some friends, it was great fun! I’m enjoying getting back into my running again, and I can’t wait until you’re older. Hopefully you’ll want to join me out on the tracks. I was very thrilled to see you and Daddy waiting at the finish line for me at the 5km event.

Other photos from the month

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