10 blogs I discovered in 2018

I love reading blogs, almost as much as I enjoy writing on my own. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa, putting my feet up and starting to read through the latest (courtesy of Feedly I can subscribe to blogs and just browse through the latest posts on all the different sites, right from one place). There’s something so enjoyable about just observing someone else’s life and learning through their experiences.

Obviously you must enjoy reading blogs too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! 

Or maybe you just don’t know of any others to read, hence one of my motivations in writing this post!

This year I wanted to challenge myself to find some new sites out there to add to the regular reading list. Further to that I wanted to make sure I left a comment on each to let them know that I’m out here and I appreciate what they’re doing.

I took count today of how many new ones I had found already, and it was at 10 exactly. So I’ve decided to share these with you all in case someone else might enjoy them.

So bring on the blogs already

Just an FYI these are in alphabetical order rather than preference…just…you know….so no one gets upset or anything.

Emily Alma

To be honest I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Emily’s blog, but we’ve bonded since over the 52 in 52 project, and Emily’s own goal setting. 

It turns out that we also share a love the blog runsforcookies.com, which I’ve posted about here before (Katie has inspired different things related to running for me, the difference is that Emily has a personal connection there while I’m a fan from afar). 

For those that love reading, Emily is always writing about the latest books that she’s read, which I’ve been consistently adding to my reading list (for when I get that elusive thing called “spare time”).


Finding Myself Young

I see a lot of myself in Toni’s blogging style – the emotional outlet of sharing our individual journeys while also writing about more “professional” stuff – reviews etc. Finding Myself Young was another blog I found while on the hunt for mummy blogs.

Toni started writing before having kids (the same as I did) and about the downfall of a relationship (the same as I did, uh, multiple times). She then found happiness and is now married with children (also the same as I did, although our count remains at one). You can see why I identify with this blog quite a lot.

I highly recommend this blog for its rawness and pure emotional honesty.

Fuck you Friday

I can never go past a good sarcastic blog, with a brilliant tag line:

Because life can get very fucking irritating.

– Fuck you Friday

Every week there’s a post about what is pissing “Far Kew” off. It’s always humorous and on point. Especially when it comes to the plastic bag saga of late! 

If you want an enjoyable read that makes you say “yep, me too” then go check it out.

Mumma in Training

Steph became a parent last year, right around the same time I did. She’s shared so many beautiful posts since about her son, and her own personal journey, many moments of which I have identified with.

One of my favourite series is her “A day in the life of a mum” – it’s helped me to realise a lot of the battles I face are not isolated – a lot of mums share the same journey. 

mumma in training blog

Have a laugh on me

Another parenting blog, Emily is the mother to three children. I really enjoy parenting blogs that aren’t afraid to be a little funny and silly, and that’s Emily’s style. It’s another enjoyable read.

have a laugh on me blog

Kylie Purtell

Be still my beating credit card. I am in awe of Kylie’s stunning photography, so much so that it’s made me crave to learn how to properly use my DSLR once and for all. But again, that elusive “time “thing means I’m not prioritising it right now amongst everything else. 

Kylie shares stories of her life with stunning images to boot. Just beautiful. Oh, and you can hire her by the way.

kylie purtell blog

No idea what I’m doing

For something totally different it’s a daddy blog! 

Clint writes about his own experiences as a dad, something that helps me to get a lot of insight into the journey my own husband might be facing. Plus also what to expect as my child grows older. 

Funny, emotional, insightful….I highly recommend this site.

no idea what i'm doing blog

One Mother Hen

I found this one when I was on a hunt for more mum blogs. I enjoy reading Alicia’s posts about her life, whether it’s about her children or more of a personal nature.

one mother hen

The Humble Mum

A personal friend of mine that I’ve been friends with for umm….nearly 15 years (holy cow), Amber is exactly as you see her. She’s thoughtful, honest, raw, well-spoken, loving mother and wife. We have the kind of relationship where you can talk about anything and everything, at any time. The kind where you don’t see each other for years at a time but when you catch up nothing has changed.

She recently started The Humble Mum blog, and shares a lot of vlogs about her life with her children, husband, and two dogs (including an adorable one called Hagrid, which Amber may disagree with me on). 

the humble mum blog

Travelling Domestic

This is a personal friend of mine in real life, Amanda. She writes a lot about food and nutrition, as well as posting recipes and some incredibly mouth-watering images. 

Travelling Domestic

So that’s that…

They’re all the blogs I’ve discovered this year, which I read on a daily basis. If you have a blog that you highly recommend I’d love to hear about it, I’m always keen to add to the lot! 

Right now I subscribe to 80+, but I’d say only about 20 of those post semi-regularly. So I’m definitely on the look out for more material. 

Let me know your thoughts!