Thank you for the survey results

I’m going to stop with the sarcasm here for a minute, and just say a truly heartfelt thank you.

I was blown away by the results of the survey. To be honest, I didn’t actually expect a single response, and was so thrilled when they came pouring in! I genuinely didn’t know why people came to read what I had to say. So many of you took the time to go into detail, which was fantastic. There were so many lovely compliments at the same time (way to make me blush). It was overwhelming in a positive way, so thank you so much for making this motor mouth speechless. Well, for a second anyway. read more

5 random thoughts from the brain

I thought I’d share some thoughts that have been going round and round in this noggin’ of mine.

  • I’m probably more excited about getting my own garage spot in the house we just bought, than the house itself. I don’t know why, but suddenly there are so many cars on the streets around our house at the moment, and we only have a single car garage. Typically Mario would use it, but even he’s been parking on the street lately…I guess he’s been enjoying being able to walk around the garage easily? The best thing about the new house is the garage door is automatic too…and yes I’m aware that these have been out for a long time, but I’ve never lived anywhere that I had my spot, with buttons to push! Woohoo!
  • I tried to reinstall my theme this morning to fix issues, and instead broke it more. Now the featured images are missing from the front page, and the category pages are still broken. I’m not going to let this get the best of me though dammit *shakes fist*
  • I’ve got an awesome post I’m working on to share. It’s one I’ve been discussing with friends for about 2 years now….seriously. I’ll give you a hint, it makes a game out of the mundane. I hope you’ll love it.
  • I’ve jammed my neck again so I’m seeing the chiro this morning. I’m hoping it’s the reason why it hurts to open my mouth up completely – spare the rude jokes *wink*. I haven’t been able to open my jaw properly for a couple of days without holding my cheek. Fingers crossed that sorts it out.
  • The gym is so boring to run in compared to the outdoors! As I’m seeing the chiro this morning I didn’t want to put my back under any stress so I’m heading to the gym tonight after work instead, but running on the treadmill is so monotonous. They need to invent a treadmill that works with VR – I would totally be in for that!
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    I need you…now…to tell me stuff please!

    See here’s the thing right. On my blog I do a bit of a brain dump of whatever comes to me on the day. It could be anything, like a story about accidentally falling on a razor and cutting my butt open (seriously happened when I was 15, but I never wrote about it) or just about my latest tech toy that I’m obsessed with. It’s great for me to get the stories out of my head (not great if I had a historical trail of butt cuts), but I actually have no idea what you guys enjoy reading. A large part of this blog is the enjoyment I get from seeing you guys enjoy it. read more

    I’m ba-ack!

    It's been quite a busy year, and admittedly my blog hasn't got much love. It wasn't until a friend of mine decided to start a blog that it sparked my interest in my blog again, and I realised just how much I've been missing it. Once she's got hers up and running and she's given me the all clear to post a link to it on my blog I'll be sure to share it all with you - she's doing great already!

    So, what's been going on in Kelly's world? Let's sum it up:

    First post on my new blog

    So here it is, my first post on a new blog. There’s a bit of pressure!

    I’ve put in a bit more of an effort on this blog already compared to what I ever did with my old one. My “About Me” page actually has a photo of me, and isn’t just filled with bad jokes. I made my own custom header, which actually was taken from a site offering free ones, then downloaded a font and added my blog address – woo look at me all technical like!


    This is going to be my home for many years to come, so it’s about time I actually started personalising the thing. read more