A story of video editing rage

You know that holiday video that I’m keen to share with you, that hasn’t made an appearance yet?

Yeah. That’s been real fun this week.

Let me share with you my pain.

Transferring phone > ipad

To apple’s credit this is super easy: highlight them, click send, send via airdrop.

I started to do this while we were on holidays so that I could edit the video a little bit at a time. Except when I selected them it seems I only sent half of them at the time, and when I went to try again the phone was in the bedroom acting as a baby monitor, and there was no way I was going to risk waking Luca up.

So I figured I’d wait until I got home.


Camtasia on the laptop

I’ve been doing video editing at work recently, and happened to have my laptop at home. So I figured I’d use that to edit the video so that it would be a bit better than the ol’ iMovie on the iPad effort.

Except it appears that Camtasia hates .mov files, which is exactly what my phone recorded all the movies in.

Now, I could go and spend forever trying to convert the files, or finding some codecs (tried one, didn’t work), but I gave up. I decided I would try my next effort.


Adobe subscription

We have an Adobe subscription to creative cloud for work too, and as luck would have it, had recently decided to review Adobe Premiere Pro instead of Camtasia, so I had it downloaded and installed on my work laptop already.

Load it up….and wait.

Yeah. Turns out that the program is insanely resource heavy and my laptop wasn’t handling it so good.


In swoops the husband.

Adobe on husband’s “super computer”

My hubby this year just built himself a brand new computer after his last one carked it.

I’ll spare you the details, because when he was telling me all the specs, it was honestly a bit like this.


So it’s super fast, and really cool, right?

Last night I installed Adobe Premiere Pro on there. Tonight, I sit down all keen to do the editing, ready to finally get this thing done.

Yeah. Turns out that even this super computer can’t handle Adobe Premiere Pro because the video preview stutters. One google session later and it appears to be a common issue with the 2019 version, and downgrading to the 2018 version works.

Except now…I’m feeling a bit of rage.


I’m really kinda over it.

I’m going to bed.

Guys….I went on holidays, and captured a ton of cool video of the kids and wineries. Can you just please pretend you’ve seen it?

Let me know your thoughts!