Monster weekend – pizza nights and zoo visits (video)

We’ve had a huge weekend, and there’s some very weary heads around the house.

From the moment I woke up on Saturday it was GO GO GO. We had a pizza night planned for Saturday night, so my job during the day was to occupy my son to keep him out of my husband’s hair while he prepared all the pizzas. My son and I went to his Saturday morning sports playgroup, then to the aquarium afterwards. By the time we got home at 11.30 he was out HARD. He ended up sleeping for 4 hours – that never happens. I had to wake him up at 3.30 so that he would have time to have (a very late) lunch before everyone started arriving for the pizza night.

Our friends came over, and my husband started serving up pizzas for hours on end. It was such a fun night. The kids played, the adults talked and drank and it just had a great vibe. On a personal note it was so nice to just look back and see that all the renovations we’ve done, the choices we made, were all worth it. Everything we wanted from that space combined perfectly to make it a wonderful outdoor space to be enjoyed. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Today (Sunday) we headed to the zoo and wore them out completely again. I practised my video techniques in preparation for holidays later in the year – check the video below! My friend, Tamara from the Relatable Mum, has challenged me to actually try talking to the camera in the next video I shoot – EEK.

Anyways, happy weekend everyone. Time to get ready for the long week ahead.

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  1. We also went to the zoo on Friday for my daughter’s birthday. We’re in the UK so I wasn’t expecting to see Wallabies but they had some! Sounds like a great weekend x


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