Cold temperatures and coughs

For the last few days the family and I have been enjoying some time away in wine country. Also known as Stanthorpe, it’s Queensland’s coldest town. I was worried about how cold it would be while we were there, but as it turned out we missed the massive Arctic winds blowing through the state! When we got home it was still quite cool, and was actually the same temperature as where we’d come from. Except that Stanthorpe was now hitting the negatives! Brr! I kinda wished we’d stayed a day to see it, but I’m also really grateful to be home and warm.

I’m waiting for the videos to transfer across from my phone so I can make a video compilation to show you from the time away. There’s probably more child footage than there is other stuff (sorry, not sorry) but we did get in some time at my favourite wineries while we were there. And most importantly, crackling fire (which my pyro husband kept building up, but as a heat-lover I secretly was enjoying it immensely). We’ve come home with a nice collection of bottles to consume over the next 12 months until we go back again *grin*

Right now I’m on the couch feeling sorry for myself. It’s cold again (under 12 degrees at the moment) so I’ve got a thick blanket over my legs. I’m already half in my pyjamas as well, and have been since about 20mins after I got home from work.

I stillĀ cannot shake this freaking cough! I was sick over a month ago, and I’ve still got it! I thought I was getting better, but then we went down to the colder temps and BAM, I’m copping round 2. Or 57. Whatever, I’ve lost count. I can’t even remember if it’s been 4 weeks or longer at this point. It just feels like it’s been forever. Either way if I don’t have a visible 6-pack on my stomach after this I’m going to be pissed off. I have been coughing that much that surely that’s only a fair trade?

I’m meant to be on the treadmill tonight clocking up mileage for the last day of another event for my run club, and instead I’m on the couch struggling to breathe. I’m coughing every few minutes at the moment, and my throat feels so raw.

I’ve tried cough syrup, throat lozenges and honey & lemon tea. Right now I think it’s just another case of ride it out. It can’t be pleasant for the people I work with, or my husband. I can’t think of anything worse than listening to someone cough over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and (oh wait I can, someone that repeats it over and over and over….you get the point – I’m annoying).

I’ve apologised to my team for letting them down, and retreated into the couch. The TV is on, and I would be editing the movie from the weekend, except they files are still transferring (there’s only 10gb to sort through, so maybe I was a bit trigger happy). Windows is being a pain in the ass and telling me it will take over 24 hours to transfer the files….so needless to say I’m now sooking about that too.

Are you sick of me complaining about my health yet? I’m sick of complaining about it!

Let me know your thoughts!