July 52-in-52 update

We’re almost past the middle of the year – 6 months down. I have no idea where the time has gone! And hey, remember those 52 things I try to do every year? I’ve barely focused on them at all! I figured that if I did a bit of a check in that it might motivate me to get cracking on some more.

Back in April I had posted an update and there were 13/52 completed.

My gut feeling was that I wouldn’t be much further than that, and I was right. Two months on I’m at 18 completed, well short of halfway. But hey, it’s about making the time to get these done, right?

New items completed

Since the last update I’ve completed:

Bake something from scratch

    – on the first day the Aussie women were playing in the FIFA Women’s World Cup my son and I made pancakes. Except given the event, we put a twist on it and made green and gold pancakes! It was super fun!

Go see a movie by myself

    – I’ve crossed it off, and I know I did it, but I have no recollection of what it was! Clearly it was a good movie then haha. It was likely a marvel movie….

Make/get a display for my running medals –

    This one is thanks to my hubby. He designed and printed a medal holder for the medals I have for running. The challenge now is just mounting it somewhere, and finding a way to do the rest as well!

Have a day off with just my husband and I

    – we had bought tickets to go see the wiggles, so after the wiggles concert in the morning we dropped our bub back into daycare and had the rest of the day to ourselves. It was a great! We saw a movie and hung out. I’m actually in the middle of planning our first night away to ourselves too. We’re ridiculously excited, but so apprehensive about leaving our bubba alone for the night. He’ll be with my in-laws so I know he’s in wonderful and highly capable company, but we’re going to miss him!

Stay in a hotel overnight by myself –

    This was AMAZING. I booked a hotel room, I arrived, went into town and bought some wine and cheese, went back and had a long bath, drank my wine and ate my cheese platter, got into bed to read a book, and then I slept. 9 hours straight. I’ve been lucky to average a 6 hour sleep overnight since the birth of my son, and even luckier to have that uninterrupted! So this was an absolute treat. And check out that view!!!

So, onwards and upwards!

Things that are currently in progress:

  • Try 5 craft activities with Luca
  • Start a skincare routine (just literally started yesterday so I’m not ready to cross this off yet)
  • Watch as many marvel movies in order as I can – I’m up-to-date right now but they just keep releasing them!
  • Do park run once a month
  • Run a half marathon (5 weeks to go – eek!)
  • Use my SLR camera once a month

Let me know your thoughts!