Reading, watching, writing, listening (Jan ’21)

Today was a bit of a crafting day at home, as I was still resting my sore hip from the blow out yesterday. However, in the afternoon I went to the shops to catch up with some friends and we did an Escape Room! I seriously love escape rooms. I have always loved the video … Read more

Monday Bingo and sadly postponing my running training

A little while ago a friend suggested that a group of us meet up for bingo at the local RSL club since we were all on holidays at the same time. We had gone years ago and had so much fun, we thought why not? It was great to catch up, but my god I … Read more

Sunday dates and cannoli

Ah, Sunday. Right when you’re meant to be getting ready the upcoming week, and as it turns out for me, I’m about to start meal planning with the husband. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. I’ve still got a couple of weeks off work, which I plan on using to … Read more

Running goals for 2021

This year a few of my 52s relate to my running, specifically: Set a running goal Implement a running plan Implement a strength-building plan (to help improve my technique and reduce injuries) I mean, 2020 wasn’t all bad, and I did manage to get back to consistent walking. I’m just really looking forward to building … Read more

Planning for the new year

Helloooooooo and happy new year! I’m writing this on the evening of 1/01/21…after having drunk a rather large glass of wine and accidentally getting drunk. Whoops. Thanks husband for picking up parenting duties tonight so I could sit on the couch and sober up. At least the bottle is empty now so you don’t have … Read more