Zooming through lock down

Well, the bubble we’ve been living in for a little while now has burst, and COVID-19 is rearing its ugly head again. Life had almost felt a bit normal for a while there. Working in the office, Luca in daycare, shopping and social life etc. We have been so incredibly lucky to have a low … Read more

What day is it?

I’m wrecked tonight! The humidity has really gotten to me I think, and I’m going to go to bed nice and early, by 8.30pm at least. Getting back to a regular sleep schedule was part of the 2021 52’s at least, so I can put it down to working on that one. It’s been a … Read more

The year that was…2020

Wow, I knew I was busy but nearly a month since I’ve written busy? Yikes! I’ve had so much going on craft-wise that my nights have been spent creating, and cutting, and applying….etc etc. I’ve hurt my back so I’m in bed early tonight, and thought I’d take the opportunity to look back on some … Read more

Sunday night…alright!

There’s something about Sunday nights that just fill me with optimism. Especially if I’ve managed to snag a bit of time to get some housework done – it just makes life feel a little less chaotic. I’m determined to hit some goals this week. We had a great weekend, and I think that’s what has … Read more

Here comes Santa Clause…

I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here! Most years we don’t normally fuss that much, we put up a tree and that’s about it. Since having Luca we’ve done the Santa photo thing, but as he gets older I’m working on embracing it more. This year I’m upping the ante again. Elf on a shelf … Read more