Birthday festival day 2

Today we continued with the festivities for Luca’s birthday, with a family gathering for my husband’s side of the family.

The day started off with Luca waking and playing with his toys in excitement. While my hubby got to work on the cake for day 3 (because of course there’s 3 days) I took the little man off to soccer. It’s about a 40min class, and after about 15-20mins he was wrecked. He had a big day today, and finally it all felt a bit much. He laid down on the floor, and when I picked him up he snuggled in. We ended up watching from the chairs for a bit instead. [...]  read more

Massive day, birthday boy

I’m wrecked and about to go to sleep. I sound like a broken record, I need to find a better time to write a post every day. I’m on such a great blogging streak at the moment that I wanted to make sure I posted *something* tonight.

today was Luca’s 3rd birthday, and it’s been non stop! This morning he got to visit a fire station and see the big trucks, then he spent the day at daycare while I rushed through a poorly sewn cubby house for him. Dinner tonight was out to a restaurant with the family.
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Goodbye “Terrible” 2’s

I’ve just finished wrapping my little man’s birthday presents for tomorrow, sat down on the couch and I’m about to start working again.

Yep, Luca turns three tomorrow, and I’m still not entirely sure where the past 3 years have gone.

Tomorrow I’ve taken the day off work so I can put together a surprise for him during the day while he’s at daycare (plus do some work). I’ll also be spending some time combing through all the photos from the past year, and put together a “Luca letter” to reminisce.  [...]  read more

So tired…want to touch the pillow

For some reason trying to figure out a subject line for tonight’s post made me sing “so hot…want to touch the hiney” from Billy Madison. I’m not entirely sure why….but being tired will do that to you.

I’m knackered. Today was a 13 hour day (or 14 maybe?) doing some stuff for work. Don’t feel sympathy for me, I overcommitted myself. At least the end is in sight, and this time next week I’ll be past the first phase of this super crazy exciting project. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now and I’m so thrilled to see it doing as well as it has been. [...]  read more

Coffee and cookies

Confession – I just stress-ate a pile of cookies. I didn’t need them, they’ve made me feel like crap, but apparently I needed the emotional sugar high (or I’m premenstrual). Guess that strength I was feeling last night was short-lived.

I’m working silly hours again because I have a project going live next week, and I want it finished early. As in within 48 hours.

This weekend is Luca’s birthday weekend and the last thing I want to be doing is cramming in some work when I should be spending time with him. So, extensive computer time it is. And apparently stress eating. [...]  read more