52 in 52: Complete a self care check up worksheet once a fortnight

One of my 52-in-52s for this year was to complete a self-care checkup worksheet once a fortnight. It’s one that I found on Positive Psychology when I was researching tips on improving your mental health.

I completed my first check up last night. It isn’t difficult to do, but it does make you face reality. It was clear as day what things I need to work on and what things I’m doing well.

In true Kelly fashion, I created a spreadsheet so I can track the progression throughout the year. The max score you can get for a section is 3, so I’ve averaged all of my responses to get an average for each section. It’s yet another unique way of how I can look at the year.

If you squint and look SUPER closely, you’ll see a couple of dots on that very first bar on the left. But using some fake data I’ve just created, this is what should happen as the time passes:

Side note – the “Spiritual” self-care name is actually pretty misleading. It doesn’t require you to be spiritual, meaning religion or higher beings. While there was a question about religion, I actually ended up taking it out since I’m not religious and I didn’t want to score that every week. The rest of the “spiritual” questions are things like practicing gratitude, or enjoying the outdoors.

My hopes for the year? Obviously to get all sections hitting a 3. Theoretically that would mean that I’m truly looking after myself right? But at what sacrifice? Surely that’s not a realistic goal.

Honestly, if I get everything is in the range of 2.5 to 3 then I’ll be stoked.

Some key things that it’s made me realise I need to work on:

  • Unplugging from technology (ironic as I write this on my blog)
  • Appreciating my own talents, strengths and accomplishments
  • Taking a holiday, escape or mini break (I’ve been on holidays for a month now, and do I feel well rested? Nope – I’ve been super busy the entire time)
  • Attending health appointments – I’ve been trying to get to the dentist for 2 years now and it scares me, and I’m notorious for not going to the doc unless I’m desperate
  • Eating a healthy diet (no surprises there)
  • Being intimate/romantic with my husband
  • Spending private time with my husband (one of the main reasons I’ve reinstated the monthly date night with my husband this year)
  • Meditating

I think if I’d done that test a few months ago professional self-care would be at the bottom, but it’s probably no surprise to anyone that my emotional self-care is in last place.

It’s a good thing I’m focusing on my mental health this year!

I can’t wait to see the graph develop. It’ll be so fun to look back on this as part of my year in review!

Let me know your thoughts!