Thursday thankful…on a Tuesday

So…apparently I was going to write this every Thursday. And then I didn’t. And now it’s Tuesday, 9.30pm and I wanted to get a post done before bed to keep the streak going.

The journal is still going strong, I’ve been writing every day. But here’s a few of the things I’ve been thankful.

Being able to make craft

I’m grateful for craft and the enjoyment I get from making things for others. It’s nice to be able to put my creative energy into things, and distract myself from life for a little bit. I’m forever learning skills, and I people get enjoyment from what I make.

(Side note – it’s ironic I found this in the Gratitude Journal when I’ve just spent hours tonight making something that I’m not in love with and kept getting grumpy about).

My family

I wrote this one after spending the night before on zoom with my family. Since COVID started we have regular trivia nights, which is just amazing. It’s great to catch up with everyone, and although I don’t manage to join in as often as I like, I do love that it means I get to see my family more than I have in years.

The safe delivery of my friend’s bub

My friend gave birth just recently to a gorgeous little guy. I was so grateful that mum and bub were well. Emily is going to be an amazing mother. Since she’s given birth she’s had some challenges thrown at her, but she’s handled them so well, and I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait to hear all the stories as the little man grows up.

My husband

With my son being sick lately, and then when I caught it and was out of action sleeping desperately, my husband has been incredible. He’s solo parented for days, he’s taken care of daycare drop off, he’s done so much that it would bore you all to list them all here. I’ve just been so incredibly grateful to have him in my life.

My past experiences

I was listening to the Passenger song “Let Her Go”, which started a spiral thought about my ex. I suddenly clicked about all the good things in my life, and how it truly was his loss that we broke up. I suddenly felt so much pride in myself.

I also became so grateful for that experience. The break up was one of the worst in my life, and my self esteem was at an all time low. I spent a long time working on myself and realising that I was worthy.

I was so grateful to have come out the other side of that, and what I have now.

My son

I realised that all of my insecurities and fears that I have tried to bury all came bubbling to the surface when I fell pregnant. While I’m not on top of them, yet, his very existence has given me the opportunity and the motivation to address them.

I’m so grateful for him. I’m grateful for the love I have for him that provides the ultimate motivation to just keep going, and to find a way.

I look forward to continuing the journey of becoming a better person for him.

One of my first photos with him, still in the hospital after he was born.

My travels

I’m so grateful for the friends that I have and the opportunities to go travelling with people I love (like the recent trip to Kilkivan).

Camping is one of my happy places, and so is exploring new things. I have so many travel stories, mainly domestic with a scattering of international. I cannot wait to make more memories, see more areas, all those things.

I’m so grateful for the stories I already have.

And that just a few from the last few weeks…! Look around you right now, what are you grateful for?

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