Random musings before bed

It sucks how when you’ve been sleeping badly for a while that you start getting reluctant to go bed, and in turn sleep less than your body needs.

My voice seemed like it was coming back. Then I had a couple of VERY short meetings and calls for work, and talked to my family. Now my voice has gone again.

I’m sick of coughing. I hope I get killer abs from this.

Luca spilled water on my hearing aids last year, and I finally dropped them off a week or so to get fixed. I thought I was up for a 2.5k bill but the manufacturer covered it no questions asked, apparently a thing in the first year. What a freaking relief. I had told them what my kid had done so I wasn’t hiding anything. In the future I’ll be hiding something though. My hearing aids. From my kid.

I need to blog earlier in the day.

Let me know your thoughts!