54 inches between my legs


Oh get your mind out of the gutter…I was talking about a bike! My new bike!

I recently agreed to ride 100km at the end of October with a friend in Melbourne's “Around the Bay” bike ride.

Because I'm in insane.

As part of that, I figured I should maybe look at buying a bike, since its a little bit necessary and all. On the actual day I will be riding my friend's bike so I don't have to fly mine down, but it wouldn't hurt to train so I don't die from the sheer pain of my ass on a bike seat.  [...]  read more

Getting some fitness back

Before I get into the reason for this blog post, it's become apparent I really need to start taking some more photos again so that my posts can actually have something visual attached. Something from my own life! It would be a little more interesting, no?

So how are things with me? On the up in a very good way. I've gotten back into training again 3 times a week, while running on the other days with a break on the weekends (although I try to be active if I can). The first few weeks were tough, mighty tough. Thankfully my body has started to get back into the swing of things and I'm able to push myself harder with each session.  [...]  read more

A month of yes

Well this has been one hell of a month so far, and it's only one day in!!

I've had some very exciting news at work, but we are still finalising the details. Basically I'm taking on the biggest challenge of my life, and it will involve managing others (although not their boss I'm responsible for scheduling them and using them as resources for my project, and I will be updating the boss on their performance). People management is not my speciality, heck I've never done it before, so I'm really looking forward to working on this area, and my communication skills in general. We all know I need help with that! I have specifically asked for training and my boss was very receptive to that, so it will be great for any future career aspects.  [...]  read more