Getting some fitness back

Before I get into the reason for this blog post, it's become apparent I really need to start taking some more photos again so that my posts can actually have something visual attached. Something from my own life! It would be a little more interesting, no?

So how are things with me? On the up in a very good way. I've gotten back into training again 3 times a week, while running on the other days with a break on the weekends (although I try to be active if I can). The first few weeks were tough, mighty tough. Thankfully my body has started to get back into the swing of things and I'm able to push myself harder with each session.

That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt though. As I type this I'm sitting on the floor of the living room with a cold pack (in the form of a frozen bag of vegetables) on my knee. My hamstrings are so sore that getting up from my office chair today was pure torture for a while. My arms got a great work out, as I ended up using them to lift myself out of the chair to take the pressure off my legs.

Yet I love this feeling. I love the burn that I get when I know I have worked hard. I love being able to complain about muscle tightness, because I know that I have achieved something. I know that this pain means that I'm actually doing something that makes me happy, for without exercise I am grumpy and moody. No one enjoys being around that Kel, not even me.

Along with the exercise has come the fatigue at night. By 8pm I can feel myself winding down, and by 9.30 I'm in bed with my eyes drooping. I'm averaging about 8 hours of sleep now, and loving it.

Next up is the goal to maintain the good eating habits in order to lose some more weight again. I know I harp on about weight a fair bit on my blog, but that's because I tend to watch my food for a while, then slack and gain a kilo or two here and there. All up I have been within the same 5kg limit for the past 12 months, which isn't overly bad. I fluctuate between healthy and glutton, but at least I'm not on a constant upward climb. If I could just stick to eating well for a little bit longer then I could really make an impact. At the moment I'm on the lower end of that 5kg range, so give me a few more weeks and we could be seeing the lean fighting machine that I have been aspiring to be. Will 2013 be the year of the bikini body Kel?

I'm not yet back to running full distances, and I'm only running just shy of 4km on my running mornings, but I can feel myself breathing better and feeling less exhausted. One more week of solid runs and it will be time to change my running track in the morning and increase the distance. I'm pretty sure my dog will love it, she starts flipping herself around in circles as soon as she sees me putting my runners on and heading for the lead!

So on the health and fitness track it's all on the up for me. Hopefully I'll be posting news soon of the latest fun runs I've been participating in!

Until then…

Let me know your thoughts!