Not quite a half marathon…

This weekend I was meant to be running my first ever half marathon. I started training for it back in October of last year, and have dedicated a large amount of my time this year to training and increasing my endurance.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

For a long time now I’ve been bouncing between sickness and injury (calf and achilles). I wrote about it in July, and in June…and even as far back as April. I’ve barely been able to run during that time. I fit in a couple of 5k sessions here and there, and did a walk/run one day of 17km to try and get some mileage down (when I was still convinced I could be healthy for the half). But that’s it. Nothing at all like what my training plan had been asking of me. [...]  read more

Life update – Potter Head Run Club and injuries

Oh hey world! It’s been a while, hasn’t it. I’ve been living a crazy busy life again, and if there’s something I’ve learned since having kids is that there’s never time for everything. You’re forever playing the juggling game and figuring out which one you can get away with not giving any attention to and hope you don’t drop anything.

It turns out I’m not great at juggling and I’ve been dropping balls (ha – that sounds rude).

There’s so much that I want to write about in detail, but it’s a rare night that I have the time to sit down and blog. I don’t think I’ll get time to write in detail, so here’s a speedy recap of everything going on in my life.

*edit* So I started writing and this turned into a massive post; I’ve kept it short and will write another one ASAP since we’ve suddenly got a free weekend!

In this update:

  • Injury woes
  • Joining a Harry Potter-themed running club

 Injury Woes

I’ve been writing about my training plans for the upcoming half marathon in August (my first ever half). Things had been progressing well, and then the injuries I had been expecting came on.

Let’s be honest – it’s my fault. I’m terrible at stretching, warm ups and cool downs. I don’t foam roll out my muscles enough. I’ve pushed myself a bit hard and my body is telling me it’s enough.

As of right now I have:

  • Achilles tendonitis (my left ankle and the ligament running down the back is super tight)
  • A calf strain on my right calf
  • A super sore right knee – my bad one that I had a knee reconstruction on (it’ll be 10 years in December!)

I had no idea how I did the knee, but finally realised on Wednesday I had been walking around in the sand, and I was probably twisting my leg. My knee complains if I’m on unstable ground at the best of times. It hurts on the inside, where I had damaged the cartilage there when I did my knee. So I dare say it’s just a bit of bruising and complaint from the cartilage again. For the first time in a long time I’ve given myself the night off and I’ve put my legs up.

A bit of rehab, icing, recovery and taking it easy and I should be on the go again soon enough.

Potterhead Running Club (PHRC)

I joined a running club! I was already a member of the Running Mum’s Australia facebook group when someone mentioned about PHRC. I decided to take a look.

I enjoy the Harry Potter books and movies, but I wouldn’t say I was obsessed. I like the idea of magic existing, and I think that’s what drew me to them in the first place. When I had a look at the running club I was astonished at what I found.

You guys, even if you don’t like the books or the movie, this running club is AMAZING!

If I have to do something for myself, like following a training plan on my own, it takes a bit for me to be motivated. If I have to do something for a team where I have the potential to let someone down, I will do everything I can to avoid that happening. That’s where the beauty of this club kicks in.

Here’s the deal:

    • In the beginning you’re “sorted” into one of the 4 Hogwarts houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or my house, Ravenclaw
    • There are various facebook groups you join:
      • The Grand Hall (all members of the running club)
      • Your house’s “Common Room” (members only for that house)
      • Any others that may have been created as a result e.g. I’m part of a group that’s a strategic group to find ways to motivate everyone
      •  [...]  read more

  • I’m officially a beginner yogi (completing the beginner’s yoga course)

    Yoga studio ios app

    This year one of my “52 in 52” goals was to complete the Beginner Essentials course on an iPhone app I downloaded. I’ve spoken in the past about my hip issues, tight from sitting down at work for too long and overdoing it on the exercise front. My theory was that yoga would help me combat that.

    It was so effective that my hip pain is completely gone.

    The app that I use is “Yoga Studio“, and from it’s own page it comes pretty highly regarded:

    ⁃ Recommended by: Mac|Life, 148Apps, iMore, Gizmodo, Fox, MSN, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and many more
    ⁃ Featured by Apple in “New and Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot” and the “Get in Shape” Essential App Collection
    ⁃ Voted runner-up in “Best App Ever” Awards 2013 & 2012 (Fitness category) [...]  read more

    Holy hip pain batman – that massage hurt my butt! (A review of Mooloolaba Massage and Sports Health)

    Last week Mario proudly advised that me he was the best husband ever.

    “I’ve booked you in for a remedial massage for your hip!”

    Probably not the reaction he was hoping for, but I immediately groaned and asked “whyyyyyyyyy? That’s going to hurt like hell!” He insisted I go, and begrudgingly I agreed.

    On the weekend I’d noticed there was a bit of hip pain again, and trying yoga didn’t seem to help it too much like it had in the past. I daresay because of the heat, I was so reluctant to do much for fear of sweating. Hence there was quite a lot of couch time this weekend. The more I walked and winced, and as much as I hated to admit it, Mario had been spot on.

    So after work today, I made my way to Mooloolaba Massage and Sports Health.

    Meet Jason – my new favourite Sadist

    I don’t call them masseuses, I call them sadists. They enjoy hurting us common folk! What else could you be when as a direct result of your hands (or in this case elbows) are the reasons for countless bruises, wincing, and if you’re really good, clenched fists? And they do it for a day job!

    Jason took the time to listen to my concerns, and before I knew it I was already laying face down with fists clenched. I’ve had a few massages in my time, but he worked on some muscles in my back that I’ve never had anyone ever work on before. He explained that my sacrum was slightly tilted which meant my right hip was more forward slightly. I had actually noticed that before in the past, but always thought that was due to my scoliosis. It seems I was wrong!

    Over the next 45 mins, I was pushed, prodded, twisted and flexed. By the end of it, simply running a soft hand over my hip and butt cheek hurt, so I know there’s some awesome bruising coming my way.

    Yet walking tonight feels super easy again, and I can’t feel anything pulling in my hip when I walk – fantastic! Jason’s given me the all clear to go for a run in the morning, so here’s to hoping that I have a good solid run!

    Based on all the places I’ve been on the coast for a massage, I would rate Jason pretty highly. He certainly has released muscles I didn’t know were knotted, and I’ve found immediately relief in my hip.

    Besides, if you don’t bruise you’re not doing it hard enough, right?


    Shoulder blow out with 2 weeks until the triathlon

    Not this weekend but next weekend I will be participating in my first ever triathlon. I'm a little bit excited.

    And scared.

    But mostly excited.

    I was unfortunate to sustain an injury last week to my left shoulder. Half an hour after my morning boot camp session it started to feel a bit niggly, and by the end of the day I was nearly in tears trying to take my own t-shirt off. I had barely any movement, and it hurt.

    Three days later I had seen my chiro, physio and a masseuse. The masseuse was able to release a bit of the knot in my shoulder, the chiro confirmed my shoulder was out of position (typical of people with scoliosis, they'll have one shoulder a bit more out of position), and the physio was able to give me exercises to stretch and release it. Each one is worth their weight in gold.  [...]  read more