Journey of a first time marathon runner

Hello world, I’m back. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, as my world was incredibly busy, stressful and relaxing. Strange combination, but that’s just how it worked out. Holidays in Indonesia (in June, which now feels like forever ago) – relaxing Training for my first olympic distance triathlon – busy Work – VERY … Read more

52 in 52: Compete in a triathlon

“52 in 52″ is a list of things that I would like to complete throughout 2014. Click here to the whole list.

I have been exposed to triathlons from an early age. My dad was a big fan of them, and when I was about 12 I helped volunteer at the world famous Mooloolaba Triathlon. I stood proudly in my oversized volunteers shirt, and pointed the competitors towards the transition. After it was all over, I wandered around the transition in awe of all the chaos. Water bottles everywhere, scattered numbers, and the odd person here and there returning to pick up their gear. At the after party, an older girl (probably early 20's) asked me “when are you going to do one?” I said I didn't know, and she said “make sure you do, you have the build for it”.

Many years later in my mid 20's, I mentioned to a friend that I was interested. She agreed, and as chance would have it she knew someone that competed in triathlons that was also a personal trainer. We started training, and then it all fizzled out.

This year I decided it was the year. I had met Mario, who also competed in triathlons, and my fitness level was at an all time high. It was time to push. I contacted my friend again, she said she was keen, and before we had a chance to change our minds we paid for the entry fee.

I started going for longer bike rides, and swimming more frequently. I did more boot camp classes. I didn't run enough, which I would pay for later, but I was training. I was scared. I knew I could make the distances, but I didn't know how fast. I wanted to do well. Really well.

When the day arrived, I had managed to sleep relatively well the night before. We had been down and checked in early the day prior, leaving our bikes in the transition area. I had set up my shoes with the cool new spring laces, and also laid out my clothes in preparation.

I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

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Shoulder blow out with 2 weeks until the triathlon

Not this weekend but next weekend I will be participating in my first ever triathlon. I'm a little bit excited. And scared. But mostly excited. I was unfortunate to sustain an injury last week to my left shoulder. Half an hour after my morning boot camp session it started to feel a bit niggly, and … Read more

One month to my first triathlon

I've always wanted to do a triathlon. I came close once, a friend and I started training for it. We never got around to signing up, and eventually we stopped training altogether. I did continue with fitness sessions to this day (I enjoy my boot camp classes), but never to the extent I needed to … Read more