52 in 52 for 2014

New year, new list. I’m excited about this list, there are LOADS of fun things on there and I think every single item is achievable without struggling too much (that’s not to say they still won’t be a challenge).

Physical Activity (14 items)

  • Zorbing
  • Enter an event I’ve not been in before
  • Learn to Kitesurf (M kitesurfs, and it looks like a lot of fun)
  • Try stand up paddleboarding
  • Complete a triathlon (I’ve enrolled in two for the year – my first short distance in February, and a full length at the end of the year in November)
  • Use my surfboard (had it for a few years now, figure it’s about time I used it)
  • Sleep at an aquarium
  • Canal tour
  • Go whale watching
  • Visit the hinterlands/mountains
  • Visit Palmersaurus
  • Visit jumping crocodile cruise (my friend Jo is due to give birth at some point, so I will be going to the Northern Territory to visit her afterwards, and will be able to go on this cruise at the same time)
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Go camping with my dog (since normally she doesn’t get to come)



Hobby (15 items)

  • 365 Photography Project (a photo a day)
  • Archery
  • Selfie Sunday (self portrait every Sunday for the year)
  • Create a wearable gift
  • Alphabet photography challenge (a photo for each letter of the alphabet)
  • Read 5 new books
  • Travel overseas (already have Malaysia booked for April, and going to travel to Bali with M and his friends to kitesurf at the end of June)
  • Finish Italian skills in duo lingo (an iphone app, basically I want to learn Italian but this is a way of making it measureable)
  • Learn how to use chopsticks
  • Make Christmas decorations
  • Make a movie
  • Watch the World Cup final
  • Watch all James Bond movies
  • Plant a section of veggies and grow them
  • Blog 100 memories

Social (12 items)

  • Have a picnic
  • 52 weeks of thankful (blog or photograph something you’re thankful for) – Can be done in conjunction with 365 project
  • Cook a 3 course meal for friends
  • Have a weekend away in a hotel with a spa
  • Cook for drew every night for a week
  • Have a party for my 30th
  • Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas
  • Get Drew to teach me how to make a Bombe Alaska
  • Go to a play/music/dance show
  • Blog once a week
  • Go to the Ekka
  • Teach my dog how to catch a frisbee

Health (7 items)

  • Implement “Wind Down Wednesday” (stay home, no visitors and just relax. Special events can be accommodated, but has to be special and not just a “but I want to do that instead” scenario. This one has been included because my body NEEDS this on a regular basis)
  • Stay in bed until midday on one day
  • Donate blood
  • Lose 5kg
  • Get mole scan
  • Visit the dentist
  • Give up sweets for a year (conditions apply: anything < 70% chocolate, no glucose lollies, exceptions are event birthdays/wedding etc, also non-processed sugar sweet food is OK).

Finance (4 items)

  • Save $5,000
  • Don’t buy something new month (excluding food/grocery items or any other compulsory/mandatory items)
  • Stick to a budget for a month
  • Donate $5 for every item not completed


Let me know your thoughts!