2013 – 52 in 52 results

Well hello there again. In my last post I said I was going to start writing more frequently again, and then I don't go and write for 3 months. Well, shit.

For this year I've vowed to write more, and I've also briefed my boyfriend, M, on the update so I will be scheduling in a time each week for me to write. After all, I love it and enjoy looking back on what I wrote about during the year.

So to get things started again, it's time to review how I went with last year's 52 in 52. I had the busiest year and really didn't make it a priority so I'm not expecting the success rate to be high.

Section 1 – relationship goals

1. Go on a date night every month
2. Save $10,000
3. Stick to a budget for 1 month
4. Go on a week long road trip
5. Reach our goal weights together
6. Climb a mountain together
7. Go fishing
8. Lay outside and watch the sun come up
9. Go to the zoo together
10. Enter an event together
11. Make a handmade present for each other
12. Walk the dogs together at least once a week

Success rate: 0/12

Details: This was a complete and utter failure, the reason being the person that I split up with the person for who played a part in this list. I could say that I had completed my part I suppose for some of them (for example climbed a mountain, entered an event etc) but the point was to be with that person. I'm almost tempted to exclude these from the final tally, but the list stands and the overall tally is 0. Annoyingly I had re-written these halfway through the year to make them different personal goals, but when I went to review the list I found I never got around to publishing it! Urgh, frustrating.

Personal development:

13. Read 4 educational books (1 a quarter)14. Go without a phone for the entire weekend15. Help a stranger16. Talk to someone I have been unhappy with and explain why

Success rate: 2/4

Goals completed: 15 – Help a stranger, 16 – Talk to someone I have been unhappy with and why

Details: The start of this year was meant to be about improving my self awareness and personal happiness, and that was the reason I included 4 educational books. I did get a start and I read one (possibly two from memory) about how to get to know myself, and then I found I actually started to get on with life instead of sitting down and analysing everything. I wish I had kept going and supplemented my life with different types of educational books, for example ones on finance. Instead, it completely dropped off the radar.

Disgustingly, I didn't end up going without a phone throughout the entire year. Not impossible to do, and I've done it before, this is just a lack of prioritising my list.

I'm proud to say that I had helped a stranger within the first few hours of the new year being over. I ended up being completely sober during our New Years party due to looking after an unwell (alcohol induced) family member. There was a couple (a son of our neighbour and his spouse) stranded out the front of our house that had been waiting for a taxi for several hours and were unable to get home. I offered them a lift, and drove a 35min round trip to take them home. We had a themed party going on at home at the time so it did mean that I left the party, but there is nothing worse than being stranded so I took the opportunity to help out. I know I did other things throughout the year to help people, however this is the one that I remember doing first and it stood out for that reason.

Talking to someone I was unhappy with and why was a gentleman at work. I worked closely with him, and found him to be one of the most frustrating people I have ever worked with. He was sloppy, lacked attention to detail, and didn't listen. I tried explaining that to him, and suggested ways on how to improve (he worked under me in a way so had to listen to me) but it still didn't end well, and he left the company a month or so later. I've never been so relieved.


17. Go to the dentist18. Work out for at least 12 days for 2 weeks19. Run 15km20. Donate plasma21. Get a skin cancer check22. Try a new exercise class I haven’t done before23. Go without confectionery for 2 weeks24. Get my hearing/memory tested

Success rate: 3/8

Goals completed: 18 – Work out for at least 12 days for 2 weeks, 22 – Try a new exercise class I haven't done before, 24 – Get my hearing/memory tested

Details: Well isn't this embarrassing. I STILL haven't been to the dentist (second year running I think), I didn't donate plasma, I didn't get a skin cancer check. All I think are extremely important and should have been very high on the list to complete. Before I had even had a chance to review this year's list I had already added those three to next year's list, so hopefully next year I will get it done.

I could have claimed a technicality and said that I didn't say I had to run 15km in one hit (I've got for LOADS of runs throughout the year so overall tally would be well into the 100's of km's) but that goes against my reason for putting it on the list in the first place. I'm pretty sure there was a point that I went without confectionery very close to 2 weeks (diet challenge thing with a friend), but not knowing the exact timeframe I don't feel I can confidently cross it off the list.


25. Blog all 52 in 52 challenges26. Blog every day for a month27. Blog 100 memories and share a story about each

Success rate: 0/3

Details: My blog was neglected in a HUGE way during 2013. No excuses, and nothing achieved.

Friends and family:

28. Go on a girls weekend interstate29. Win the trivia jackpot30. Go on a boat trip31. Have a movie marathon (everyone brings one movie, no complaining about what anyone else brings)32. Make my mum a calendar for Christmas33. Frame a photo of my family34. Spend a day with my niece

Success rate: 6/7

Goals completed: Everything except for 32 – Make my mum a calendar for Christmas

Details: About team there was nearly a 100% success rate! I travelled to NZ with my sister and her girlfriend (I think interstate can also include international waters), the SCTUB girls and I won the trivia jackpot the night I finalised my list (pure luck), I went on a boat trip with the girls with the jackpot winnings, we all had a movie marathon, I have framed photos of my family and friends on my wall at home, and I've also spent several days with my niece. Overall, pretty stoked with all of these activities cause they were pretty fun!


35. Get a boat license36. A photo a day for 201337. Go camping38. Play skirmish or laser tag39. Try 12 foods I haven’t tried before (or can’t remember trying)40. Go to a concert41. Visit Double Island Point42. Spend a day doing photography with my SLR43. Watch 10 movies from top 150 on http://www.imdb.com/chart/top44. Attend a live sporting match of a sport I have never seen live before45. Attend a music festival46. Read 4 books off the best sellers list (1 a quarter)

Success rate: 6/12

Goals completed: 37 – Go camping, 39 – Try 12 foods I haven't tried before, 40 – Go to a concert, 41 – Visit Double Island Point, 44 – Attend a live sporting match of a sport I have never seen live before, 45 – Attend a music festival

Details: Another few that I had a great time doing. I went camping and at the same time visited Double Island Point (my first time camping with M, and I'm stoked to report it was so easy with no disagreements at all). Since meeting M, I have also easily surpassed 12 foods I haven't tried before, the boy is a cook extraordinaire! I've sampled foods like blue cheese gnocchi, italian peas, a salted caramel chocolate tart (modified recipe from a restaurant in Brisbane), crostali, canoli, the list goes on and on. I'm completely and utterly spoiled in this department, he loves to cook and does it to show his appreciation.

I went and saw the Qld Reds play earlier in the year (rugby union), and went to several concerts and festivals during the year. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do the rest (I know I read lots of books but not sure if they're on the best sellers, same with the movies), and I definitely let my photography drop. Nor did I have a chance to think about a boat license or skirmish or laser tag, so they were off the completed list.


47. Get a pedicure
48. Clean out the fridge, it needs it
49. Teach my dog a new trick
50. Clean and sort out my cupboard
51. Buy and wear 3 dresses
52. Go out for a night out and wear heels

Success rate: 6/6

Goals completed: all of them, wahoo!

Details: I had the opportunity to take my first solo trip overseas during the year to Bali, where I had my first pedicure. They painted my nails bright red (why the heck did I agree?) which was quite funny. I've cleaned out my fridge and cupboard, which isn't really exciting to report on but was necessary.

Probably the biggest change was that at the start of the year I never expected to buy and wear three dresses OR wear heels for a night out. I was tomboy through and through! At the conclusion of 2014 I know own about 4 or 5 dresses, and this year I bought a black dress containing pleather bits (Miami Vice theme party), a black peplum dress (bought for a funeral so not the nicest reason), and also a gorgeous strapless blue dress that I've since worn several times including to a football presentation night. The first and third dresses were directly as a result of the encouragement of M, who has a fantastic taste in clothing. He's made me start to appreciate my figure more and show me how to dress in a more flattering way. The heels came naturally as a result of buying the dresses, however the Football Presentation Night will be the night that counts for the item.

With regards to teaching my dog a new trick, she's gotten to learn a few of them throughout the year. I can now take her for runs with me and leave her off the lead and know that she's not going to do anything stupid to get hit by a car. The two new commands she's picked up is that she knows to stop at the end of the road and wait for the “Cross” command. She knows “off the road” means to get off the road. Both of them meant that she was also able to run next to me while I road my bike for 15km at night, and she wasn't in any danger at any time. I'm blessed with my dog, she's amazing. This year I've opted to specify the trick to learn, and it's going to be to catch frisbees, can't wait! It's going to be hard to tear her away from her beloved fetch balls though!

Final tally: 23/52

Now that things have settled down with my new fella, M, and we're out of the honeymoon “there's nothing else but you” phase, I'm able to commit myself to other things again. He's also been a part of making the list with me so a few of them he will be able to help my to achieve. However I don't believe I will ever involve my relationships with anyone as part of the list, for example the first “Relationship” section. In hindsight I think I had done it in an attempt to salvage the relationship which were very much at the end of the tether come NYE. It's the complete opposite of the reason for this list. It's for me, no one else. It's to make me proud of who I am, and to know that I can look back on the year that has passed and see that I have done something worthwhile.

Which brings me to my next point. I shouldn't be disappointed I only got 23 items done, and that it was less than a 50% success rate. Instead I should be proud of myself that during 2013 I did 23 things that I wanted to do.

Good work me!

Bring on 2014!

Let me know your thoughts!