2019 Goal: Run a half marathon

You know those all-time bucket list items that you constantly think “one day I’ll do it”? Not like my 52 list, which is an everyday kind of list with the odd big ticket item. The list of the big scary things that you hope one day that you will do but you’re not ever sure you’ll actually make the effort to do it. Running a half marathon was in that list for me.

In 2019 I will be running a half marathon.

Hooooooly shit.

The Race

I signed up for the Sunshine Coast half marathon for a couple of reasons. [...]  read more

52 in 52: watch the World Cup final

“52 in 52″ is a list of things that I would like to complete throughout 2014. Click here to the whole list.

And the winner is, ZE GERMANS!

I can't help but look at that logo and imagine someone face palming themselves. I guess if it was blue and yellow you could almost say it was Brazil, disappointed over their 7-1 loss. Or all of the South American's for finally letting a European team win for the first time in South American territory.

What a great tournament.

I have to admit, I found this morning's final quite boring. The goal, when finally scored, was incredible though. Amazing control.  [...]  read more

One month to my first triathlon

I've always wanted to do a triathlon.

I came close once, a friend and I started training for it. We never got around to signing up, and eventually we stopped training altogether. I did continue with fitness sessions to this day (I enjoy my boot camp classes), but never to the extent I needed to maintain a level of fitness worthy completing a tri.

After meeting Mario, I decided to revisit the dream. He loves triathlons and has completed a fair few (the numbers run into double digits) so he motivated me to give it a go. A quick message to my friend and she agreed to it as well.  [...]  read more