52 in 52: Do a class at the gym

The reason I put this on my list is to challenge myself to try something new. It's easy to get into a bit of a fitness rut and do the same thing every day. I've always wanted to try the RPM classes at the gym, but was worried about how intense it would be and whether I would be survive.

Recently I've been doing my 12 week challenge at the gym, and one of the things I've appreciated the most is the variety in our group training sessions every Thursday night. We had a taste of the RPM class, and I found I really enjoyed it, thus the decision was made. It was time for RPM. [...]  read more

52 in 52: Have a sauna

When I wrote this 52 in 52, I had a scenario in mind: holidays, relaxing, nice sauna. Realistically, I knew that it would probably mean that I would use the opportunity to relax in the gym sauna after a workout.

There was no hotel or a holiday in sight when I completed this one.

Tuesday morning I managed a run at the gym, however as my energy levels are still a bit off I was only able to manage 3km before walking the last 2. In saying that, according to my Garmin I was running 5.5min kilometre splits, a full minute faster than my regular pace, so I may just have very well been going too fast. Given the treadmill was at my regular pace though, I doubt it. [...]  read more

Is the weekend already over?

Fitocracy workout

Oh man, where did the weekend go!? I can’t believe it’s Monday morning already, and I’m quickly typing out a blog post before I get ready to go to work.

Mario and I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, which is very rare. Normally we wake up with an abundance of energy, but today we were quite content to just lay in bed and snuggle. It was also surprising we were like this on a beautiful morning full of sunshine, compared to the previous week of rain and stormy weather, much more appropriate for staying in bed. [...]  read more

Training with a boyfriend/girlfriend is hard

Let me first start off by saying I love my boyfriend, I really do. But I'm going to have to do some swallowing of a chill pill when it comes to working out together.

I have this thing where sometimes I don't like to try in front of other people. For example new sports, or skills. Subconsciously, I think it boils down to a desire to never fail in front of anyone, so not trying is a better option. In reality, trying is by far the better option – you don't improve or succeed without giving it a red hot go, right? You can't win without risk? [...]  read more

Not the best health day on record

I slipped up today; I had an ice cream and some chips during the afternoon at work. Something I read recently was when you slip up, rather than just dust yourself off and say “I will do better tomorrow”, you should think about why you slipped up and correct that.

My problem? I’m an emotional eater.

I was stressed at work yesterday, so went diving for the quick fix food pleasure. Thing is that there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that should have necessarily sent me diving for the sugar. Yes, there were annoying aspects but I should be able to cope with it better. There’s always going to be something that frustrates me, particularly with the challenging project we have going on. I think rather than become weary and eating badly, I need to start working on my stress coping mechanism. In addition, I’m also getting to that time of the month which means I’m going to be premenstrual as well, and that’s certainly not going to help. [...]  read more