Eat, sleep, gym, repeat.

After such great, necessary sleep on the weekend, I decided this week I would try to keep up the good habit. The plan was to try and get to sleep by about 8.30pm at night, giving me enough time to have a solid sleep and still be able to wake up early for a run/walk. … Read more

52 in 52: Do a class at the gym

The reason I put this on my list is to challenge myself to try something new. It's easy to get into a bit of a fitness rut and do the same thing every day. I've always wanted to try the RPM classes at the gym, but was worried about how intense it would be and … Read more

52 in 52: Have a sauna

When I wrote this 52 in 52, I had a scenario in mind: holidays, relaxing, nice sauna. Realistically, I knew that it would probably mean that I would use the opportunity to relax in the gym sauna after a workout. There was no hotel or a holiday in sight when I completed this one. Tuesday … Read more

Is the weekend already over?

Fitocracy workout

Oh man, where did the weekend go!? I can’t believe it’s Monday morning already, and I’m quickly typing out a blog post before I get ready to go to work. Mario and I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, which is very rare. Normally we wake up with an abundance of energy, … Read more

Training with a boyfriend/girlfriend is hard

Let me first start off by saying I love my boyfriend, I really do. But I'm going to have to do some swallowing of a chill pill when it comes to working out together. I have this thing where sometimes I don't like to try in front of other people. For example new sports, or … Read more