Half marathon training diary – week 5 (35 weeks to go)

Another 2 weeks down, and some more progress to report in! It’s been an interesting 2 weeks. I had a bit of a slump energy wise during week 4, but I have only missed one workout to so far (which was a cross training work out and not a run). Well, except for tonight, but there’s a reason for that. Kind of related, I also completed my second park run ever and shaved 6mins off my time – wahoo! On the equipment front I’m now parading around with some new shoes.

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Half marathon training diary – 37 weeks to go

I’m 3 weeks into my training, 24 weeks left in my training plan and 37 weeks left until the half marathon. 

The first few weeks have been good to give me a bit of an introduction of what’s to come. I’ve also been able to get an idea of what works and doesn’t work, equipment wise, and so there’s been a bit of chopping and changing with what I’m doing. 

Let’s take a look at what I’ve learned so far.

Nike Run Club review

I used the Nike Run Club app to create my training plan, purely because it was an app that I knew that had them, and it integrated with my Apple watch. Simplicity is what won here. The fact that I could customise the plan based on timeframe was great. They also have some awesome looking “guided runs” that I wanted to try in the future (also available to start on the watch). [...]  read more

2019 Goal: Run a half marathon

You know those all-time bucket list items that you constantly think “one day I’ll do it”? Not like my 52 list, which is an everyday kind of list with the odd big ticket item. The list of the big scary things that you hope one day that you will do but you’re not ever sure you’ll actually make the effort to do it. Running a half marathon was in that list for me.

In 2019 I will be running a half marathon.

Hooooooly shit.

The Race

I signed up for the Sunshine Coast half marathon for a couple of reasons.

  • It’s on my home turf. That means I can run the track as part of my training, and on race day I don’t have to travel far at all.
  • I’ve run the course before. During 2018 I did a 5km event as part of a 52 with a friend, and loved it. The course that the half marathon takes isn’t that much further onwards (with more laps obviously).
  • It’s near the beach. I love to run by the water, it’s one of my “happy places”. So why not take the opportunity to run this new distance in one of my favourite spots in the world?
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    Back running again

    Before I fell pregnant I was running a lot. Like “every morning” a lot. We lived near the beach, so every morning I would walk 2 mins down to the beach then set off for a 30min run. I would use it to de-stress and clear my mind. It was my “go to” for feeling relaxed. I ran in different events throughout the year, never competitively (I wasn’t that great) but for fun.

    Once I fell pregnant I couldn’t run any more. First it was the nausea, then it was the discomfort. I ended up giving it up.

    Well, bub is now 4 months old and it’s time to get back into it.

    The training program

    Previously I had used the MAF training method, which uses heart rate as a guide for determining the appropriate pace. I decided I would follow that again for the following reasons:

  • I’m unfit. I’ve been doing some gym classes and walking on the treadmill, but I’m nowhere near ready to just bust out a full 30min run.
  • The MAF training helps to make sure you’re not running too fast. Your heart rate shows how hard you’re working, so if you run too fast your heart rate spikes and boom – alert to slow down. And when you run too fast it’s not enjoyable and you can injure yourself.
  • I’m only going to be running three times a week to start with, and just easy runs. I’m not aiming for a specific time, or a PB, or anything competitive. I don’t need speed and tempo runs. I just need to get some time under my belt. Keeping at an easy pace for 30mins allows me to do that while simultaneously building my fitness level. Once I get fitter then I may start looking at a more structured program depending on my other commitments (read: husband, child, work, life etc)
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    Kayla Itsines review: Kelsey Wells SELF program for post-pregnancy women

    During the course of my pregnancy I gained 35kg, adding the equivalent of nearly 50% of my body weight at the time. Part of this was due to the fact that I suddenly wasn’t able to eat salad or veggies – as soon as I fell pregnant they made me feel sick. The main reason, however, was due to my emotional eating while I tried to cope with the stress of work and wrapping my head around how much my life was about to change.

    I never enjoyed the extra weight, and it took a huge toll on my self confidence.

    Once our baby, Luca, was born and I hit 6 weeks post partum, I wanted to focus on losing the excess weight. I didn’t want to jump to any extreme dieting – I just wanted to eat well and start to ease back into exercise again. I really enjoy working out, it’s a stress outlet for me. When I’m running or working out my mind stops racing, and I find a sense of peace. It’s hugely important to me.

    I had tried walking with Luca, but it was far from simple and came with its own challenges:

  • Luca won’t fall asleep in the pram
  • Trying to time the walk was extremely difficult. It had to be at a time of day where it wasn’t too hot or in full sun, wasn’t when he needed a feed, and wasn’t too tired (otherwise he would just cry the whole walk, not very peaceful)
  • I was still joined by my son. As much as I love him, walking with him wasn’t providing the “me” time I was craving
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