The Kirsten Effect

Hey guess what – no zucchini today! WOOHOO!! My day was infinitely better as a result.

I’ve just gotten off a zoom call with friends tonight (super fun) and I’m pooped. My project launched yesterday, and now the stress is off for a couple of weeks. There’s hard work ahead of me still but hopefully less crazy than it has been.

I’m ready to sleep for weeks straight though. Tonight’s post is a bit rushed though, so I can get to sleep.

Diet wise I stuck to my guns today and it was a lot easier than earlier this week.

This morning I went for a walk with Luca before dropping him off at day care. I had personal training at the gym today, and naive me thought I would have a slightly easier session after telling my trainer how tired I’ve been, and how I haven’t been able to get to the gym because of the crazy hours I’ve been working.


I’m so sore. My legs ache so badly already. Tomorrow I think I’ll be soaking in a magnesium bath to give my legs a bit of TLC I think!

My trainer and I joked there’s a term for post-training with her. It’s “The Kirsten Effect”. Basically where your attempt to walk looks ridiculous because your legs are jelly and don’t function properly. That’s how it feels. Trying to walk downstairs after parking my car back at work I nearly fell. My legs are toast, they’re so tired.

Today she made me:

  • Walk on max incline holding a medicine ball on my head
  • Squat and lunge on the treadmill while it was moving (moving sideways as I did squats and forwards as I lunged)
  • Lunges with my foot propped on the hard side bit of the treadmill, doing a shoulder press with dumbbells
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Wall squats

It hurts. I hurt.

I’m going to sleep, but I’m happy to say all habits ticked off for another day.


Let me know your thoughts!