Crazy busy days = reset?

Right now I’m tossing up between resetting the 75 days hard (which is what the original version does) or whether I just focus on getting through 75 days and seeing how good I can be.

‘Your opinions?

Today was another day where I realise that it’s hard to keep on track when life gets in the way.

I felt my old habits returning when I gave in a little for a couple of birthday parties we went to, and ended up eating two pieces of (very good) cake. Whoops.

Here’s how hectic my day was:

  • Wake up at 5.30
  • Wash off fake tan
  • Pace around the house to get miles for an event while eating breakfast and planning what we need for the day
  • 8am On the treadmill for a 30min training run
  • Shower, dress and out the door with husband and child
  • 9am – Off to a friend’s son’s 3rd birthday (one of Luca’s best friends)
  • 11.15am – in the car again, stop off at shops to pick up nappies (nappy bag empty)
  • 11.20am – 55min drive south for another birthday party
  • 12.30-3.30pm – birthday party for my aunt and uncle
  • 3.30pm – back in the car for a 55min drive home
  • 4.30pm – pick up dog, put clothes in the car, go
  • 6.15pm – arrive at in laws. Dinner, play with luca and give him a bath.
  • 7.30pm – books and bed routine.
  • 9pm – blog

So in amongst that I was meant to be drinking water, sticking to a diet plan, selfie etc etc.

The thing is that it’s totally doable. I just wasn’t organised enough.

‘So do I start again? Or mark it as a lesson learned and keep going. I’m unsure yet.

Also, I didn’t really get any scenic photos of the day (just ones of people that I’m not sure if they want them shared over the web) so instead here’s a photo of the epic cake my friend made for her son. I love it so much!

Let me know your thoughts!