I’m declaring today to be a failure. 

I’ve lost track of how much water I’ve drunk. Despite walking around a ton today I’ve not done my workouts. I forgot to take a progress photo and it’s already pitch black out (my son is nearly asleep in the caravan so the last thing I want to do is flip a light on to take a picture). 

I’ve had my meals (and a bit of damper) and I am writing this blog now, so it’s not all bad. 

When I normally fail something I say “well, that’s that” and I go back to binging. Not this time. 

The challenge is still on for me. 

Tomorrow I will get up and get back to working on my habits. Today taught me preparation is key, and procrastination leads to failure. Persistence is the essence. 

One bad day will not kill me. 

But giving up will. 

Let me know your thoughts!