Hard Habits – 4 weeks aiming for a personal best

Tonight I feel a tremendous sense of relief, a huge weight off if you will. I finished phase 1 of a huge project at work that I’ve been working an insane amount of hours on for what I think is about 12 weeks now. Parts of my weekends, nights…

I can finally breathe again and do something else.

At 4pm I called my husband, told him I was coming home and we were all going out for dinner. I wanted some family time. We went to the tavern, Luca played in the kids room (and won a ton of lollipops), we had some dinner and went home. I was so tired I wasn’t very talkative, not the greatest dinner date, but it was so good to spend time with my boys.

I had plans of being in bed tonight by 8pm. The last two nights I’ve worked until 12am and 1.30am respectively, and back up again around 5.30. Tired was an understatement. Luca seems to have caught a cold again too and was waking a bit coughing, so when I was sleeping it wasn’t very great. Not to mention I had been eating sugar (survival “stay awake” mode) so I was waking up feeling hung over.

I’ve been a mess.

But that’s all done now!

My 75 hardish challenge I didn’t realise was only a 4 week challenge (from the group I’ve been in). So, results:

My thoughts?

  • I was going well, then I gave myself a bit of wiggle room and I fell over big time. This is what I always¬†do
  • Life is a balance of what to prioritise. In the last few days when the work stress was insane I gave up thinking about anything that was good for me. I sacrificed good eating, sleep, drinking water and exercise, in the name of a deadline. I could have performed better by keeping those habits up.
  • I stopped taking a progress photo at all – another example of giving myself some wiggle room only to give up.
  • I am LOVING that I have embraced blogging every day again, and loving that it’s resonating with some people. Thank you for listening to my stories!

So the reset button has been pushed, and I’m going for another 4 weeks. Same habits, back to daily photos.

I’m aiming for an improvement on this round. And if this first attempt taught me anything it was that 4 weeks is not a long time at all. I’ve renamed it to “Hard Habits” since I’m not exactly sticking to 75 days in one hit, nor am I hitting reset if I screw up. I’m doing the best I can for 4 weeks at a time, with hard habits.

Here goes.

Let me know your thoughts!