I tortured myself and loved it

The heading is dramatic, but it’s true. This week I have brought myself to the point of yelling audibly in pain, then taking a deep breath, and doing it all over again. I wore marks of my abuse on my body, red marks on my legs and arms. And I friggin loved it. Ladies and … Read more

Thursday thankful…on a Tuesday

So…apparently I was going to write this every Thursday. And then I didn’t. And now it’s Tuesday, 9.30pm and I wanted to get a post done before bed to keep the streak going. The journal is still going strong, I’ve been writing every day. But here’s a few of the things I’ve been thankful. Being … Read more

Random musings before bed

It sucks how when you’ve been sleeping badly for a while that you start getting reluctant to go bed, and in turn sleep less than your body needs. My voice seemed like it was coming back. Then I had a couple of VERY short meetings and calls for work, and talked to my family. Now … Read more

Sunday pantry winning (before and after pics)

I’ve had a pretty successful Sunday, despite the fact that I’ve been up (mostly) since 1.30am this morning. No sleep for the wicked Today started when I woke up at 1.30 coughing from this blasted cold. FYI – I’ve had a covid test and I’m negative thankfully, so I know it’s just a cold or … Read more

Mud masking and self care

One of the 52s I’ve got is to schedule 1hr of self care each week. At first I didn’t know what that was. I was like am I meant to just like do yoga or something? Go to bed earlier? Read a book? What is self care anyway? Turns out it’s all of those things. … Read more