Drunk caravan curtain sewing in 33 steps

If drunk sewing was a thing I’d be a world champion.

Actually, maybe not. Because if I’d had wine tonight then I’d probably have sewn my finger to something. Or maybe I’d have been more chill and I would have gotten my project done faster. Hmm…but I’m not all that keen to find out which scenario is more likely to be true.

But basically my straight lines are like someone closed their eyes and hoped for the best. They’re not great.


I’m sewing curtains

We bought a caravan recently and I want to slowly redo the interior. The curtains we inherited aren’t so bad, they’re just pretty dusty and old. The lace underneath however was pretty disgusting. Think old, brown (meant to be white) lace that looks more suited to being an ugly doily than anything to be hung in line-of-sight. [...]  read more