Forgetting stuff and making stuff

Having a caravan has been amazing for camping. It’s so much easier to pack things since the majority of stuff lives in the van permanently now. However I still find that I forget things, even when the list of stuff to pack is small. Most recently I forgot Luca’s bed sheets (not a big deal … Read more

Why I’m crying about my Reddit Secret Santa story for 2020

I need to share a story about this craft project I worked on. I’m a member of a site called “Reddit”, referred to as “the front page of the internet”. It’s a site where people have conversations and share stories, images etc. Everything from the news to hobbies. Every year they do a thing called … Read more

Planning for the new year

Helloooooooo and happy new year! I’m writing this on the evening of 1/01/21…after having drunk a rather large glass of wine and accidentally getting drunk. Whoops. Thanks husband for picking up parenting duties tonight so I could sit on the couch and sober up. At least the bottle is empty now so you don’t have … Read more

Late post because I was crafting

Er, so it’s just gone 11pm, I was about to go to bed and realised I hadn’t done my blog post yet. Whoops. At least I had a good reason, I’ve been having tons of fun making shirts for myself, Luca and some friends for a camping weekend. What do you think of my efforts?! … Read more

Drunk caravan curtain sewing in 33 steps

If drunk sewing was a thing I’d be a world champion. Actually, maybe not. Because if I’d had wine tonight then I’d probably have sewn my finger to something. Or maybe I’d have been more chill and I would have gotten my project done faster. Hmm…but I’m not all that keen to find out which … Read more