Forgetting stuff and making stuff

Having a caravan has been amazing for camping. It’s so much easier to pack things since the majority of stuff lives in the van permanently now.

However I still find that I forget things, even when the list of stuff to pack is small. Most recently I forgot Luca’s bed sheets (not a big deal since his sleeping bag lives in the van although he used to be too freaked out to use it), and mince for dinner (we went for a walk for fish and chips instead).

I’ve decided I need to print a list of all the stuff we have to pack when we go camping. The list will be laminated, stuck inside the van and marked off with a whiteboard marker as it’s packed. When we get home I can wipe it all off and start again. Done.

I realise this sounds like overkill, but I like being organised and having stuff documented. When I’m left to remember things on the fly I always forget something.

We have an online app that we use to maintain lists and stuff, but when you’re packing madly for a trip away the last thing you do is bury your head in a phone to check a list. Something visual will be way easier.

So anyway, that’s been my Friday. Contemplating how to make life easier, oh, and this little number.

Luca was so stoked to get it, I’m so glad he loved it! He’s been obsessed with the Octonauts tv show for a while now.

Anyhoo, I’m going to go to sleep, tomorrow is got to be a big day. Imagine if Luca gave us a sleep in though *dreams

Let me know your thoughts!