Planning for the new year

Helloooooooo and happy new year! I’m writing this on the evening of 1/01/21…after having drunk a rather large glass of wine and accidentally getting drunk.


Thanks husband for picking up parenting duties tonight so I could sit on the couch and sober up. At least the bottle is empty now so you don’t have to worry about me drinking more, right?

I just realised I have a bit of dinner stuck in my teeth. Whoops.

Today has been a good day! I started the day the day with a walk at the beach with a friend. There were patches of rain, and we got wet, but it was really nice and refreshing! It was the perfect way to kickstart the new year. We even got to see a rainbow!

I also had a lot of fun sending pics to my friends on the other side of the world, joking that the sun was blowing up (check out the sunrise shot to understand). But followed it up with the rainbow, and reassured them that 2021 had a much better start to it than 2020 (when Australia was on fire).

After that I spent a bit of time at home with the family. We briefly popped down to the shops to pick up a new mirror for the entry way (I want to paint the edge black before I mount it), and some other bits and pieces.

The afternoon was spent playing around at home, and while my son napped, I took the opportunity to play with my new planner.

I discovered I can print and cut stickers with my cricut maker, which means decorating the planner is going to be super fun! I’ve made stickers already for:

  • 10k run training program days
  • Workouts (strength training at the gym)
  • Meal planning (to remind myself to plan out meals for the following week)
  • A tick box to indicate I’ve logged my miles for my virtual running events
  • Date night with my husband
  • To do (for random appointments)

Only after I did that did I realise that there’s also more more stickers at the back of the planner, but they range from generic (stars/circles) to the feel-good style “excuses will always be there, opportunities won’t” (not sure where I’ll put that in…I guess if I’m having a bad week).

I’ve also added my daily habits that I’m working on, reminders for things I need to get done that week, and my weekly 52s.

On the inside of the back cover I’ve stuck three workout plans. I’ve made it a goal to get to the gym 3 times a week to do strength workouts. My trainer and I will be working out what these are when we next meet in the third week of January, but for now this is what I have planned.

If anyone happens to find my strength, can you please find it and return it? Because it would appear I’m super weak.

It’s been fun to put it together! I have some friends to thank for my excitement with my planner, since they’re planner ninjas themselves.

The goal, or….plan (see what I did there?)….is to sit down every Sunday night and look at prepare myself for the coming week. I think meal planning will be the biggest benefit for me.

Anyways….I’m feeling a lot more sober now, so I’m going to have a shower and get ready for bed! I’m not going to bother re-reading and editing this, so fingers crossed it actually makes sense.

I hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store for us.

Let me know your thoughts!