What day is it?

I’m wrecked tonight! The humidity has really gotten to me I think, and I’m going to go to bed nice and early, by 8.30pm at least. Getting back to a regular sleep schedule was part of the 2021 52’s at least, so I can put it down to working on that one.

It’s been a pretty busy day! And I have to admit, it took me a few seconds to figure out what day it is! I’m on holidays at the moment and I’ve completely lost track.

I went for a nice long walk around the lake near my house this morning listening to some music. I hurt my back recently (caused by tight hips) so I’m just easing back in again. One of these days I’ll learn to actually stretch! This morning was the most I’d moved in nearly a week, and it was nice to get out and about before the summer heat set in.

After I got home and showered, my hubby, son and I all got in the car and set off on some errands. One stop at the chainsaw later (hubby), and a huge grocery store to pick up some more bacon to smoke (hubby) we got back home. I changed and this time headed to the gym.

My personal trainer smashed my body, and it was a great session. I brought a notepad and wrote down a list of exercises to put together into a workout routine, and will soon be starting to plan my weeks in advance. I next see her again in the third week of January, so hopefully there’ll be some nice progress in between.

After that it was home and lots of playing around and having fun. I need to write a post about how hard toilet training Luca has been (my god, we’re approaching maybe the second month now), but just as my training session ended at the gym I got a very excited phone call from Luca to tell me that he had pooped on the toilet and he had told Daddy beforehand that he needed to poop! Woohoo! Progress!

After dinner Luca launched into rave dance mode. We saw Trolls World Tour a few weeks ago and he’s been obsessed with the song “One More Time” by Daft Punk ever since (he’s got good taste). Tonight we cracked open some glowsticks and he had an absolute ball raving with daddy. So cute.

He passed out pretty hard in bed, and I’m about to do the same. I had grand plans of doing some stuff in my new planner, buuuuut it can wait until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “What day is it?”

  1. I had 7 work days off over the holidays and I seriously thought that Thursday was Saturday, then Friday was Saturday, then Saturday was Saturday, both weekends I was off. . . It’s weird how time is when you don’t have your normal schedule.

    • My friend described that as peak holiday period – when you’ve lost track of the days you’re at your most relaxed. I think she’s right!


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