Bali preparation: technology edition 1

When you travel, you take photos. Everyone does. It's a given.

When you travel, you want to tell everyone back home all about it,

When you travel, to share the photos with everyone back home means you have to have the gear to be able to send the pictures, and when you travel, how much gear you take requires serious consideration. No one wants to be lugging around heavy backpacks or suitcases, myself included. How inconvenient! Thus currently I'm going through the motions of figuring out what tech gear I want to take with me, and how I can get away with taking as little as possible. When I went to Thailand last year I took the following:

  • Dell mini laptop
  • External hard drive
  • DSLR camera (two lenses only)
  • Thousands of charging cables and accessories (slight exaggeration here)

All up, at meant it was quite the effort to get the photos from the camera onto the laptop onto the hard drive, plus blogging them (I discovered on the trip that my dell mini hated uploading to Facebook so had to download freeware apps to get the pics up, it was a nightmare). The only benefit to taking all of this stuff is that I had my partner at the time with me to help share the load of the backpack; he was actually pretty good, I don't think I carried much at all!

Going to Bali, when thinking about how much stuff I'm taking I need to factor in that I'm alone. That means no sharing th load, so whatever I take needs to be light, and I need to take the least amount of stuff as possible.

This year I now have an ipad, which means the weight issue of taking the dell mini has been resolved…sort of.

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