Bali Day 2

After an early night, I woke early and decided I would go wandering to discover a venue for breakfast. Thanks to the wifi in the villa I was able to google a few places north of me. I googled a map, thought it looked straight forward and set off shortly after 8.30.

One thing I loved about our villa was the back street it opened up to. The fences were all high (with some form of security on top, whether it be barbed wire or in some cases huge shards of broken glass) and they all had really cool wooden carved doors for the entrance. It was unlike something I had ever seen. I'm kicking myself for not having taken a photo of our doorway. When I pulled up in the car with Cam from the airport the day before, the car had only just fit down the alleyway; if another car had pulled up someone would have been reversing out.

The backstreet where our villa opened up to

If you are planning on travelling to Bali, know this: there is not much open before 10am.

My grand plans of doing a bit of shopping early to get it out of the way had backfired. I had wanted to get a sim card for my phone and was told “come back later, she not here yet”. The roadside sellers were nowhere to be seen, and the boutique stores all had “closed” signs. Instead of shopping, I found myself wandering around, getting lost and sweating profusely.

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Bali Day 1

For the most part my flight was uneventful. I had been given the exit row seat, which was great, and the middle aged couple beside me were lovely. There was a child a few rows back which screamed for the first 10mins of the flight, which caused visible discomfort to many passengers. I think we … Read more

Time to fly to Bali

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To my dear passport…

To my dear passport… As much as I love you, I have found that you bring out the sadist in me. I love nothing more that seeing you get punched, by a stamp nonetheless, but punched all the same. You see, the violence inflicted upon you means a journey for me. A trip to somewhere … Read more

Hold tight folks, I’m heading to Bali

A friend of mine is getting married in Bali in May, and I'm invited. Originally I discussed the possibility with C, then after we split with my mum, then a friend. My friend can't make it for budget reasons, and I don't think I could last that long with Mum without getting frustrated (I love … Read more