Time to fly to Bali

Well folks, it's about that time: time to fly to Bali!

I have some blogging to do to update you with the last few days in Melbourne, which food played a large part of. I don't think I have stopped eating the entire time, and the size of my gut has increased accordingly.

This morning at the airport I very nearly tried to check onto a flight to New Zealand, only to realise that that trip is later in the year, not now! Duh! It wouldn't be right without a dumbass Kelly moment (I should also mention I'm half asleep). When I finally checked in for the correct flight, I was stoked to get an exit row seat, hello extra leg room! Who said I needed to travel with a 6ft 8 giant to get such benefits? It's aisle, but to be honest I don't care to look out the window. As a good friend said, most of the time we are flying over the land of Australia anyway, and I'm pretty familiar with that country 🙂

I'm a bit nervous about how my left ear is going to go on the plane. On the way to Melbourne it failed to clear easily, so I had a fair bit of pain before it popped and I felt some fluid run down the back of my throat (ew). On that occasion I had had a sudafed but no chewing gum etc, so this time I'm loaded up with chewing gum and Vicks vapour drops as well as having taken a sudafed. I'm a little worried that this time I am definitely battling the cold virus, and that I haven't been able to clear the ear at all this morning. Interesting times ahead!

So I shall see you all on the other side, when I can say “OMG the heat is amazing here” instead of saying “OMG it's so cold!”

Hope Monday isn't too bad for all of you!

Let me know your thoughts!