The first few days in Melbourne

It's moments like tonight when I really feel how blessed my life is. I am currently writing this blog from my bed in my villa in Seminyak. It's a huge king sized bed, made from bamboo, with a canopy and beautiful apricot/orange curtains hanging around me. And because I don't have to share the bed I get to sleep in the middle. Oh yeah!

So I have made it to Bali, which is fantastic. But it's time I updated you on Melbourne.

I had the best start to a holiday I could have ever hoped for. I got to catch up with some great friends of mine that I haven't seen in a long time, enjoy some great food, and combined relaxation with leisure activities in a perfect ratio.

After the midnight arrival and a late rise, on Thursday we all made our way to St Kilda to enjoy a fantastic breakfast at a little hipster cafe. Sitting out in the sun was beautiful as it definitely had a nip in the air. The afternoon was spent walking along St Kilda looking at the shops and the beach, and enjoying watching the AnzacDay football reform a beer garden (where we planted a heater directly beside us to keep us warm). When in Melbourne, it would be blasphemy not to watch the AFL right?

On Friday I was left on my own as both Julie and Jens had to work. I wrote this quick update and had the most incredible breakfast before heading into the city to do a bit of exploring.

I caught a train into the city and on my sisters recommendation, decided to go to ACMI and see an exhibition on Hollywood costumes. It was fantastic! I saw outfits used in movies, listened to interviews and generally spent an hour wandering through the museum. It probably doesn't sound like much of an exhibition, but I truly have a newfound appreciation for costume designers.

Following that I wandered aimlessly around the city just looking around, before getting tipped off (thanks to Foursquare) about a lane nearby with some amazing graffiti. I went and had a look and was not disappointed! I will have to make a proper public album of all of my photos when I get home.

I met with one of the graffiti artists currently at work on an Anzac Day piece, who informed me that he had spent in excess of $3,000 in recent times on supplies for the alley way. I really wanted to ask if he had a job or was studying, but I coudnt figure out a way for me to say it without it coming out wrong, so I played it safe and left it. He had a little bit of a guarded “don't piss me off” kind of attitude, so I think I made the right judgement call there.

After exploring the alley way I caught a train back to Jens and Julie's house and found yet another amazing coffee shop just down the road from them. There I sat for about 40mins enjoying a coffee and reading my book, in pure bliss. It's no coincidence that three days later as I write this post that I am now onto my third book on my kindle. I have rediscovered my love of reading on this trip, and have taken great pleasure in just sitting down and relaxing with my kindle. Pure bliss.

I finally returned home to meet Julie, and we drove into the city to meet Jens for dinner. We dined at Mama Baba, of George from Masterchef fame. It was divine. Jens and I paid $55 each plus a bit extra for some wine, and received a 5 course meal. Julie had a risotto and an entree, and helped me out with some of my courses. The value was astounding given the quality of the food, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the restaurant (Bel).

With bellies completely stuffed full of food, we returned home to pass out. Both Jens and Julie were crook, so early to bed was in order. Being on holidays, I really didn't mind. It's about time I learned how to sit still, right? Isn't that what holidays are meant to be about?

Let me know your thoughts!