Second half of my Melbourne journey

Saturday morning I awoke with the dreaded feeling that I was getting crook. My throat was sore, my nose felt a little blocked, and I was feeling a little fatigued despite having a long sleep. I was determined not to get crook though.

Julie had already eaten, so Jens and I popped down to Crabapple Kitchen so that I could show off my newfound discovery. We both decided to try something from their international menu; some recipes influenced by their world wide travels. We ended up with a duck something in a tajine, and mushrooms on a slice of sourdough (I think) with a poached egg on top. Interesting breakfast, although I think I preferred the hot cakes I had had the morning before. [...]  read more

The first few days in Melbourne

It's moments like tonight when I really feel how blessed my life is. I am currently writing this blog from my bed in my villa in Seminyak. It's a huge king sized bed, made from bamboo, with a canopy and beautiful apricot/orange curtains hanging around me. And because I don't have to share the bed I get to sleep in the middle. Oh yeah!

So I have made it to Bali, which is fantastic. But it's time I updated you on Melbourne.

I had the best start to a holiday I could have ever hoped for. I got to catch up with some great friends of mine that I haven't seen in a long time, enjoy some great food, and combined relaxation with leisure activities in a perfect ratio. [...]  read more

Breakfast at Crabapple Kitchen


Today I have been left to explore the city on my own, as both Jens and Julie had to work today. I felt their pain…actually, no I didn’t as I’m on holidays!! Woo!

After a lazy morning with a sleep in until 8am I rose, showered and made my way down the street to hunt down a breakfast cafe. And find I did! I found Crabapple Kitchen on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn.

I am currently writing this from a table where I sit by myself, having just treated myself to some signature buttermilk pancakes which were simply divine. To say I am full would be an understatement. The softness of the pancakes combined with crunchy nut praline and baked apple was just perfect. It’s the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. The Campos coffee was also incredible, but unfortunately rest in the shadow of the pancakes.  [...]  read more

The holidays begin

Source: ABC News

After an 8 hour slog at the office today the holidays have officially begun! Wahoo!

I'm currently sitting in Brisbane airport utilising the free wifi and killing some time before I board the plane. Good ol' Tiger Airways and the unpredictability of whether I will actually reach the destination, it always feels like you're playing airline roulette. The latest rumour I've heard is overselling the flights? Needless to say I arrived nice and early and checked in before heading for some crap airport food with my mum (thanks Mum for dropping me off). [...]  read more