The holidays begin

Source: ABC News

After an 8 hour slog at the office today the holidays have officially begun! Wahoo!

I'm currently sitting in Brisbane airport utilising the free wifi and killing some time before I board the plane. Good ol' Tiger Airways and the unpredictability of whether I will actually reach the destination, it always feels like you're playing airline roulette. The latest rumour I've heard is overselling the flights? Needless to say I arrived nice and early and checked in before heading for some crap airport food with my mum (thanks Mum for dropping me off).

I'm absolutely shattered, and while I have the best intentions of starting a new book on my kindle, I expect I will board, sit back in my seat and promptly pass out. Then I will arrive in Melbourne and be super excited to see Jens and Julie. I can't believe it's been so long!

4 days in Melbourne and then off to Bali. Plans for Melbourne including seeing the storm play tomorrow night (I'm loaded up with purple supporter gear thanks Kim), fine dining and lots of shenanigans. Put Jens, Julie and myself with alcohol and you will always get a good story.

I must tell you, packing for both the cold and the heat is a nightmare; my suitcase is so full and I have only packed 2 outfits for Melbourne and about 4-5 days worth for Bali! The plan is to mail my clothes back to myself from Melbourne to free up some room again ready to buy everyone presents! And of course, that takes priority, am I right?

Ok, time to stare at people around me and try to not fall asleep while waiting to board. See you on the other side, when it's time to complain about how cold Melbourne is!


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